by Eve Andersson


Ha'penny Bridge Dublin
(38 photos)

Guiness as Usual Guinness (national beer)
(11 photos)

Foggy river in the Wicklow Mountains Wicklow Mountains
(11 photos)

Seaside trees in Carlingford Carlingford (seaside town)
(10 photos)

Newgrange Newgrange (ancient tomb)
(5 photos)

Powerscourt Gardens Powerscourt Gardens
(7 photos)

Glendalough Glendalough Monastery
(5 photos)

Cow and Castle, Sligo County Western Ireland
(14 photos)
This site contains photos from three trips to Ireland, one in 1999 and two in 2009.

I was impressed by the Irish people. Without exception, every person I met there was friendly and many of them, especially the cab drivers, seemed proud of their city and country. They were warm to me regardless of how dishevelled I looked (the same is definitely not true in Boston or Paris). One afternoon I was walking along the street deep in thought, probably with a furrowed brow, and a passerby said "Cheer up!" I was complaining about the weather on one drizzly day that hadn't a patch of blue in the sky, but the the morning news reporter said that it was a great day because at least it wasn't raining!

Ireland is a very small country, with only 3.5 million people (there are 11 million Irish people living abroad). Ireland has a history of encouraging and respecting its writers, with many of them unafraid to stretch the boundaries of literature (e.g., James Joyce).

Eve Andersson (eve@eveandersson.com)


amazing pictures

Your pictures of Dublin bring back a lot of memories, but then again I was just there in December.

Amazing pictures!!!

-- Nikhil Kottha


Great Photos, travelling to Dublin for a wedding in two weeks. Really got me in the mood :)

-- Martin McMahon

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