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Newgrange, the largest passage tomb in Ireland (80 meters across) was built around 5000 years ago by the people who inhabited the land before the arrival of the Celts. At least five people were buried at Newgrange, but there may have been more; because Newgrange was not protected until the early 20th century, other remains and valuables were probably looted.

The inner chamber is completely dark except on five days centered on the winter solstice when light shines through an opening for a maximum of 17 minutes (on Dec 21), permitting the intricate carvings in the main chamber to be viewed.

Adorable tourist at Newgrange. Carved rock at Newgrange. Carved rock at Newgrange.

Some side house (not labeled), with cows relaxing in the background. This was off to the side of Newgrange. I liked the cows in the background.

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Inside Newgrange

Hi Eve, I was reading your report on Ireland and yes it is true it rains here nearly every day but that is what makes it so green ! I am lucky enough to live near Newgrange and recently was given the opportunity to take 360 degree images inside the chamber. I think your viewers would like to see inside Newgrange just follow the link and select the tour. Regards and be sure to come back soon. John

-- John McKeown

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