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Powerscourt Gardens

by Eve Andersson

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This is what the official Powerscourt Gardens web site (http://www.powerscourt.ie/gardens/) says:

One of the World's Great Gardens situated 12 miles south of Dublin in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains. The gardens were begun by Richard Wingfield in the 1740's. The word garden belies the magnitude of this creation which stretches out over 45 acres. It is a sublime blend of formal gardens, sweeping terraces, statuary and ornamental lakes together with secret hollows, rambling walks, walled gardens and over 200 variations of trees and shrubs.

Freaky fountain man. Philip Greenspun photographing a rose. Cow tombstone in the Pet Cemetery. Fountain with the main building behind it. Detail from a fence. Mermaid fountain.

Eve Andersson (eve@eveandersson.com)


Greetings from Germany

Last yearwe visited this beautyful house and garden during a tour by ship around Ireland and Great Britain. We were delighted about all the colorous flowers and the very nice and friendly Irish people. A very nice guide told us a lot about your country.

-- Zahrte Brunhilde

my visit

My visit to Powerscourt Gardens was wonderful. We walked around for ages watching the man on the mower and the hedges been trimmed.It is a beautiful place and intend to come back again next time I visit Ireland

-- sonia dando

house interiors

I visited these incredible gardens and enjoyed some hours just strolling alone and taking pictures of them. I also visited the house, the interior of which was mostly destroyed by a fire. However, I just learned that the interiors in the movie "Barry Lyndon" were filmed in the house shortly before the fire. It's well worth renting the movie just to see the interiors of the house before their destruction. The interiors are quite equal to the beauty of the gardens.

-- mary costello

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