Man in traditional wear in Panajachel, in front of Lago de Atitlán.


by Eve Andersson


North Acropolis Tikal (Mayan ruins)
(49 photos)

5a Avenida with Volcan Agua in the background Antigua (colonial city)
(42 photos)

Volcanoes Toliman and Atitlan Lake Atitlán
(56 photos)

Chichicastenango (market town)
(29 photos)

Cobán (beautiful nature)
(44 photos)

Rio Dulce (river)
(67 photos)

Pacaya (volcano)
(10 photos)

Monterrico (beach)
(40 photos)

Coffee estate
(19 photos)

Copán, Honduras (Mayan ruins)
(70 photos)
I lived in Guatemala for just over a year in 2001-2 (see my apartment). Guatemala is a gorgeous country, definitely worth visiting.

The country is small, comparable to a medium-sized US state, but incredibly diverse. The climate ranges from temperate (eternal Spring) in Guatemala City and Antigua, to desert, rainforest, chilly highlands, the hot and humid coastal plain, and everything in between. In addition to Spanish, 22 completely distinct local Mayan languages are spoken in the country. The various regions have their unique customs and styles of dress.

The diversity makes the country fascinating, but the diversity isn't always positive. Guatemala has a huge gap between rich and poor. While Guatemala City has modern buildings, tree-lined boulevards, and all the conveniences you could want, there are many towns where the people don't have running water or enough food.

Visiting Guatemala

Eve Andersson (


Come visit Xela

We are running an Internet Cafe here in Xela, using Linux on all the machines. Maybe your university would like to teach some courses outside of the capital? You could use our Centro de Internet.

And there is a local vegetarian restaurant, La Salida. It's called that because it's on La Salida to Almolonga & Zunil. Of course other local restaurants have vegetarian dish, Cardinelli's is a great Italian place, and the Royal Paris is, you guessed it, French.

-- Ciber CELAS Maya

Nice City

The pictures of the city are very beautiful. This is a place that would be nice to visit. The food must be great too.

-- Arthur Pinkerton

San Mateo Ixtatan

God, Eve, you look gorgeous and so does Guatemala! :) I was thinking of applying for a short "Engineers w/o Borders" program in San Mateo Ixtatan, and was wondering if you had been to this area.

By the by, I was at UCB last week and told CF-Pello how you're going to be a professor in Salt Lake City (saw from your website),and he was VERY proud and happy to hear it!

I should grab Nitmo from CO and head over to see you on a road trip! :)

-- Elizabeth Marie Kallman

I was born in this country, and your collection of photos are amazing, they show the beauty of Guatemala. Thanks for share this photos with all the world. God Bless you
Image: DSC00598.JPG

-- Herber Gonzalez


Hola Eve, Acabo de entrar en tu pagina,y verdaderamente esta muy lograda.Entre por familiarizarme con Guatemala ,ya que voy a asistir a un congreso de cirugia plastica en Panajachel.Soy ponente sobre rinoplastia.(Proxima semana) Soy de Madrid y si ves mi pagina web creo que hemos coincidido en algunos sitios.. Un saludo Paco Abril

-- Paco Abril

long time ago

Hi Eve

It took me some time, but I found them. The pictures I took in Guatemala in September 1964. Some of your pictures look exactly like mine.

Well done.

Regards from Switzerland Bugi

-- Rolf Burgermeister

me hace falta

I lived in Guatemal from 1989-1991 i realy miss it and your pictures are a comfort for my soul I can't for the day I can go back. thank-you

-- yvette vestal

I loved the photos of Tikal. It is a must see for me. I have sent a picture of boys threshing rice from their field in Panama. They put the grain in a mortar, pound it with pestles to break off the chaff, and then winnow it by tossing it in the wind.
Image: Threshing-197.jpg

-- Ken Erickson


My comment are the piture are so beautiful. I want to say that I am from that country I really don't know much about it. So I just want to say that your piture are so beautiful. I hope some day I will go back there.

-- Andrea Pedro

Wonderful pictures

Thank you for sharing, you photo's, My husband and son will be visiting Guatemala in the summer, after looking at your photos I wish I could go with them.

-- Shannon Spring

Beautiful... Guatemala

hello eve, i must say the pictures are great. i live in Guatemala and you're right about that comment of the difference between the Guatemala City (where i live) and the rest of the country. i really liked the images you took in Antigua, i go there many times and i just can't get enough of seeing the buildings, the enviroment, the people. and a big thanks to all of the people from your community you're so welcome to come to Guatemala.

-- Cesar Contreras-Arias

Any American in Guatemala City:

My husband has an opportunity to work in guatemala City for a stint of two to three years. Would those of you who have lived, are living in Guatemala City please write to us and tell us of the many questions we might have; such as, is there American TV - more than 4 channels in Guatemala City; American theaters; great housing areas, rental or purchase; just tell me all about life in your city.

Can't wait to hear from ALL of you!!!

Mary Ann

-- mary ann chandler

Living a good life in Guatemala City


You can live a good life in Guatemala City. You can find everything you need or want. It does help to know where to look, though, since quality standards are inconsistent. If you want to find anything that you'd get at Super Target, go to Hiper Pais. For American-style shopping malls, go to La Pradera, Los Proceres, or Tikal Futura. I happen to be a wine and cheese enthusiast; I found everything I wanted at the Gourmet Center. For English-language books and a nice cafe to relax in, go to Sophos (you must try the most delicious drink in the world, Chocolate con Café).

There are great restaurants in Guatemala City and Antigua ( and Tamarindos, in Guatemala City, is one of the best restaurants I've experienced in any country. Jean François (Guatemala City) and Mesón Panza Verde (Antigua) are also up there on the list.

Cable television will give you many English-language channels. Movies in theatres are almost always in English (with Spanish subtitles).

There are great apartments to live in, with good security and all the modern conveniences. Many foreigners live in Zone 10.

If I were you, I would study Spanish in Antigua for a couple months. While some people in Guatemala City (and especially Antigua) speak English, life will be so much easier if you know the basics of Spanish. Besides, it's fun to study in Antigua. I studied at Proyecto Lingüistico Francisco Marroquin (, which has a very high quality program.

Probably the most important advice I can give you is to join Yoda, the Young Diplomats Association in Guatemala ( This is really just a club for foreigners living in Guatemala; many members are not young nor are they diplomats. They get together regularly for dinner at Guatemala City restaurants; it's a great way to make friends and get advice.

Guatemala really is an extraordinary country, and I hope that you will take advantage of your 2-3 years there. See the Mayan ruins, visit the gorgeous countryside, and spend as much time as you can relaxing in the cool breeze of a courtyard café.

-- Eve Andersson

I live here...!

I live here...! I found your webpage searching for some pictures of Antigua and I have to confess that I found the best and I felt pround of the city that I live in!! And the reality doesn't separete much from what I saw in your pictures. Congratulations...! You motivate me to walk around and take some of my own. Paula Tobias (Panza Verde)

-- Paula Tobias


HI. I am from Guatemala and just wanted to say thanks for sharing the beauty of my country with others. Your pictures are GREAT.

-- carol avila

Great Country

Hi!! I lived in Guatemala from 1974-1978. I lived through the great earthquake. it was an expereince but did not frighten me enough to leave. I used to be bi-lingual and lost it so am now taking classes to renew the spanish language. I was browsing through photos of Guatemala and was curious to see how mauch has changed. In some ways it has changed alot but others ways it still remains as I saw it. The pictures on your web site bring back grweat memories. I taught at Coleigo Americano while I was there. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Melody Hollowell


Might be moving

Hi, this is a nice site and I dig your pictures. My girlfriend and I are currently living in Thailand but we're looking to move to Latin America sometime next year. We think we're going to start in Chile and work our way north, stopping in countries we like to work for a few months before moving on. Eventually we'd like to find someplace to settle for a while. I'm a writer by trade and I'd like to know if there are many English language publications that I might be able to find work with. If ecessary we can both teach English (we're both TEFL certified and have experience) but I, at least, would like to staty out of the classroom. Any advice and info would be most helpful.


Mil Gracias

-- Logan Hesse

Permission Request


Great site. One would guess you know something about building them...

I share your love of travel generally and Guatemala in particular.

My wife and I have been taking friends (and friends of friends) on journeys to see the ancient cultures of Guatemala, Mexico and Peru for years on a strictly avocational accomodation of what has become a voracious appetite on my part to learn more about ancient cultures and people.

Though I'm embarrassed for you to see my website (built in speed, I'm afraid) I'd be pleased with permission to use your great photo of a coatamudi there. (with photographer's credit of course and a link here or elsewhere if you wish.)

Maybe we'll run into one another some day at Machu Picchu...or on the Amazon...

Chris Jones

-- Chris Jones


Hi,I've only gone to Tortugero as part of a Green Tortoise Costa Rica trip. I hear you know my brother Kenn McDonald,who has just left Honduras and Guatamala,and is now in El Salvador. He gave us this beautiful site so we could see where all he's been. Kenn has also been a world traveler for many years now,and i'd love to see him build his own website with his photography too.I envy his many experiences.What do you think about Mayan prophecy? There is a new book called Beyond 2012-Catastrophe or Ecstacy?Happy trails! Carole

-- Carole Wilson

Puerto Barrios,Izabal

I want to congratulate you,for the beatifull pictures that you have from Guatemala,I just to live in Puerto Barrios for several years and your pictures brought memories of Guatemala,I would like to see more pictures of Puerto Barrios,Livingston,Punta de Palma,Punta Gorda, las Escobas,y Punta de Manabique.We love your pictures,please dont stop,it is a great way to be in touch with good memories.Take Care. Carolina Salinas.

-- carolina Salinas

Thank You

Hi, Eve I like to thank you for sharing the beauty of Guatemala C.A. I was stunned after seeing all the great pictures of the beautiful places you visited. I have recommended your site to friends, co-workers and relatives to see the beautiful pictures.

Thank You onece again and best wishes.

Thank You,

Laura Morales.

-- Laura Morales

Hello Eve

I just want you to know you are doing a terrific job. I enjoyed very much all your pictures. I am originally from Guate. city. I currently live in Orange County California.

You made me remember very precious sites in my beautiful guate. Thank you for bringing back such precious moments. I admire your adventurous spirit and Hope you can travel to all those places that are still intriguing for you.

May God richly bless you and I hope you get to read the gospel of John and the book of Romans some time for God has given you such a great missionary Spirit.

Ciao. Donato.

-- Donato D'Arrissi

mil gracias

Mil gracias por tus fotografias, estan bellas, se puede ver que mi bella Guatemala esta creciendo en belleza,yo llevo 5 anos lejos mi Guatemala pero con tus fotos he podido recordar y ver que Guatemala sigue tan bella. Se ve que tu si aprecias las cosas bellas como los paisajes y las personas que te rodean. Espero que sigas mandando fotos para aquellos que estamos lejos.

-- christa lopez


when we lived in Antigua, there was a small excellent restaurant around the corner from Textura, and sort of diagonal from the Merced church. The owner's name was Nils, a nice man from Norway. Any info on the restaurant now??

-- Rob Beal

Guatemala,s Fotos

Gracias por las fotografia, de las deferentes regiones de Guatemala;gracias a ellas estoy pensando seriamente regresar a este mi lindo pais.

-- Ana plant plant

Chichicastenango El Quiche

I wanted to share with the world! We hope we bring some more economic activity in Chichicastenango through the Internet! Life is difficult in Chichicastenango; for example, there is lack of job opportunities;therefore, lack of opportunities for an education. Currently, we have no university at least. Where are these new generations are going to get an education. Will they have an opportunity to attend, for example, Harvard? Standford? or UCLA at least? We just stepped in CAFTA. There is just too much to be done right here. We, Chichicastenango, welcome everybody from anywhere in this plante. We hope to see you all soon over here. May God bless you all.

-- Pedro A


Hi Eve!!!

man, I love your web page and the pics are increadable. You are not in Guatemala anymore right? You can visit my web page as well: Hope to see more pics from Guatemala. And you dont have Russia in your list of the countries that you want to visit. You should come to Russia. Its very beautiful there.And you can place pics from there afterwards.

-- Anastasia Vasileva


I have been going to Guatemala for the past 25 years. Snce I have family in Guatemala City and Quiche it more home to me.I have never once met anyone who could say anything negative about their trips to this country nor could I add anything new to the positive comments that are often repeated about the people,the culture and Guatemala in general.I have traveled quite alot throughout the country and truly I dont have one favorite spot.I'm sure if you have been to Guatemala you will probably agree with me for the most part and if you have not you need to put this on your to do list.My last trip I was there for three weeks this past February,2008 and hope to return once again this year.No matter how often I go there is always something new and unique.Just remember that what ever it is you are looking for in Guatemala,it is there to be found.The new,the old and everything in between. Have a safe journey.

-- kenneth little

hi there thoe were very pretty picturs u have.I was wondering if u knew the town amolonga i had a couple of friends here a couple of years ago and i tried to look up their town and i didnt see it.but i watalkng about them to my friends and my mom had said that in parts of gautamala theyhave different languages and was wondering wat was the main spoken laguages i amolonga or if they have anybesides spanish thank you very much from oregon,usa
Attachment: GuatemalanAsylum022807.pdf

-- rebecca cardenas

Thank You Eve.

I was born in Guatemala, and i have been Living in Chicago for 34 years. Thank you very much for such a Beutyfull Work of Art with your pictures.

Sincerelly. Edwin Gonzalez Sr.

-- Edwin Gonzalez Sr.


EVA: He disfrutado de las vistas de Guatemala, las cuales conozco la mayoria e inclusive tuve el gusto de visitar LAS RUINAS MAYAS DE TIKAL. Todavia me falta algunos sitios por conocer, pero a futuro espero hacerlo pues mi nuera es de all?mi hijo ecuatoriano y mis lindas nietas son guatemaltecas. La gente de Guatemala es muy linda, amigable y sociables y me enorgullece disfrutar con ellas. Ojala a futuro pueda ver comentarios y vistas de mi pais Ecuador, pais asi mismo sociable y con mucha similitud en cuanto a costumbres y trato con la gente. Gracias, Carlota

-- Carlota Granja S.

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