Lake Atitlan with Volcanoes Toliman and Atitlan behind.

Lago de Atitlán

       (Lake Atitlán)

by Eve Andersson

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Lago de Atitlán (Lake Atitlán) is the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. It is surrounded by craggy mountains and three traditionally shaped volcanoes. Formed by a collapsed volcano cone, Lago de Atitlán is 320 meters deep, the deepest lake in Central America. Approximately fifteen towns or villages lie on the perimeter, mainly inhabited by traditional Mayan peoples with a sprinkling of foreign settlers.

Two canoes on Lake Atitlan. Girl on a boat in Lake Atitlan. Lake Atitlan with Volcan Toliman behind. Swimmer in front of volcanoes Toliman and San Pedro. Canoeist in frunt of a lush, green backdrop. Dock extending into Lake Atitlan. Four docks in Lake Atitlan. View of Lake Atitlan from above. Panajachel, from above.


Panajachel (or Pana, for short) is the town that most tourists visit. It is a very comfortable place to just hang out and you can usually get whatever you need there. This town is full of restaurants and hotels. It's a good starting place if you want to go visit other towns by boat.

Man in traditional wear in Panajachel, in front of Lago de Atitlán. Mother and son, Panajachel. Street scene, Panajachel. Aleph Bar, Panajachel. Guys playing a board game (basically: roll the dice and move forward that number of squares). Calle Santander, Panajachel. Chez Alex, Panajachel. Church, Panajachel. El Botiquin, Panajachel. Family with dog, Panajachel. North American influence, Panajachel. Truck filled to capacity, Panajachel. Mother and daughters by boats, Panajachel. River estuary, Panajachel. Panajachel, viewed from Lago de Atitlán. Tienda el Buen Precio ("Good Price Store"), Panajachel. Girls balancing cloths on their heads, Panajachel. Typical wares for sale, Panajachel. Woman with flowers on her head and girl, Panajachel. Hotel Atitlan gardens, Panajachel. Pool and view from Hotel Atitlan, Panajachel.


This town is famous for two things: the Mayan god Maximón and the local artists' internationally renowned oil paintings.

Maximón.  Santiago, Guatemala.  In a small Mayan village, a long time ago, all the men went off to fight a battle, except for Maximón who stayed behind to "watch over the women." When the men returned and found that all the women in the village were pregnant, and they killed Maximón. This upset the women terribly and therefore, to make up for killing Maximón, the men were forced to worship him. 
The wooden statue of Maximón is kept in a different private house each year. Usually he has a cigar in his mouth. Tourists can pay a small fee to visit him. Maximón likes to receive offerings of rum and cigarettes. Maximón is an interesting character. I heard a story once: in a small Mayan village, a long time ago, all the men went off to fight a battle, except for Maximón who stayed behind to "watch over the women." When the men returned and found that all the women in the village were pregnant, they killed Maximón. This upset the women terribly and therefore, to make up for killing Maximón, the men were forced to worship him.

The wooden statue of Maximón is kept in a different private house each year. Usually he has a cigar in his mouth. Tourists can pay a small fee to visit him. Maximón likes to receive offerings of rum and cigarettes.

Woman selling artwork in Panajachel from Santiago (across the lake). Building set in lush greenery, Lago de Atitlán. Main shopping street, Santiago. Line of men waiting, Santiago. Santiago, from the water. Woman balancing basket on heat, Santiago. Two women, Santiago. Woman selling fruit, Santiago. Woman wearing indigenous hat, Santiago. Church where a popular pastor was murdered, Santiago. Church altar, Santiago. Christian figures wearing Mayan clothes in a Catholic church in Santiago. Church, Santiago.

San Pedro

San Pedro is known for its hippie and backpacker population. It is apparently a good place to get marijuana (hearsay only) and excellent vegetarian food (try Munchie's -- it's amazing). This town has the cheapest hotel I have ever stayed in: $2.50 per night for a good-enough room with private bathroom and hot-water shower.

Church in San Pedro. Church in San Pedro. Munchies, a restaurant with great vegetarian food, in San Pedro. Hot pools in San Pedro. Red flowers, San Pedro. Map of San Pedro. Massage in San Pedro. Street in San Pedro. Three women on balcony, San Pedro. Women bathing and washing clothes, San Pedro.

Other Towns and Villages

Each of the towns and villages around Lago de Atitlán has its own personality. For instance, San Antonio is known for its pottery and San Marcos is known for its tranquility.
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ive been there!!!

i was sufing the web for pictures of guatemala and specifically antigua and found you site. i have hard copies of almost all the same pictures of atitlan and panachjel and antigua. they are beautiful!

-- autumn fanning


Yo he visitado el Lago Atitlan tambien!! Hace cinco, y seis anos y fui a Guatemala con mi papa. Hemos visto los tres volcanes increibles y los pueblos bonitos. La gente era amable y bella. Quedabamos en el pueblo San Lucas Toliman. Era una experiencia brillante. Gracias. MC, Minneapolis, MN

-- M C

Nature is full of divinity

I'm from Guatemala and i think its fair to say that Lake Atitlan is one of the most beatiful lakes in the whole wide world beacause of the magic that sorrounds all its greatness

-- Pen Dejo

Breakfast in San Pedro with my friends Bern and Franz both from Austria

Guatemala es maravillosa, con sus bonitos paises, su cultura Maya, su amable gente, estuve de vacaciones tan solo una semana y quede inivitado a regresar siempre que pueda, lo bueno para mi es que vivo en El Salvador, un pais vecino!!!

Ademas queria comentar que tu eres una chica muy atractiva Eve Astrid.

Con mucho cari?o Juan Manuel

Guatemala is wonderfull. with his beautiful views, Maya's Culture, his kind people, I has been on hollidays by on week only, and I stand invited to come back ever that I could, so Good to me because I am Salvadorean, a neighboor country!!!

Too you are a beautiful girl Eve Astrid.

Sorry for my poor english I am learning still.

With affection Juan Manuel

-- Juan Manuel Diaz

La magia del Lago

Soy estudiante de turismo y mi segundo viaje fue a Atitlan y en realidad es maravilloso, no es por que sea mi pais pero en ningun otro lugar del mundo hay un lago tan hermoso rodeado de los volcanes San Pedro, Atitlan y Toliman, el conocer mis raices me hizo sentirme muy orgullosa de mi pais y se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo, visiten todas las poblaciones, escalen los volcanes si tienen buena preparacion fisica,o disfruten un paseo por el lago en alguna de las enbarcaciones, y no olviden visitar cada una de las poblaciones que hay alrededor del lago, en especial San Pedro la Laguna y empapense de la cultura y la belleza del lugar. Lisseth Castillo

-- leida Lisseth siomara castillo Lopez

How you doin'

I think is great thing you are doing for this people and their lake. Promoting it will definetly help out its already growing tourism. Take it easy!!

-- Rudy Taglialuchi

Hello Everybody! Hello Eve...

I want to thank you for letting me add a little comment about My beautiful Pana! Well It is my beautiful pana, not only becuause I'm from Guate, but also because I lived there for a wonderful year, a year that I will never forget 'cause it was the most wonderful and unforgetable year in my short life!.- The other reazon and most powerful reazon is because this Little heaven on earth is the place that saw my mother Maria Mercedes Rosales Armas come to life! so I'm really thankful to God for this....

Pana, es y siempre sera uno de los lugares mas bellos del mundo entero...No solamente por su belleza natural sino tambien por la belleza de su gente! Les recomiendo a todos los que nunca an podido ir a Pana; que no lo piensen dos veces, alli encontraran de todo...

Ahora mismo vivo en los Estado Unidos y tengo casi 10 a?os de no visitar mi tierra; pero espero algun dia regresar a este bello lugar que solo la mano de Dios pudo trazar con exactitud y belleza....Claro que junto a mi bella novia...Grecia Valerio Sanchez...(Dominicana)
Attachment: Anochecer en Atitlan

-- Carlos Villeda

I sailed across the lake in 1981.

I was really surprised to find the results I did when Google came back with this site. I undertook an adventure to Central America in 1981 living and camping out of my small Toyota p/u along the road sides. I spent about 3 weeks in Guatemala and toured several areas. Santiago was one of them. I remember having to duck under a tropical bird on a perch in order to get to my hotel room. I traveled across the lake to Panhachel in an open air boat, it was then when I turned to get a picture of the twin strato cone volcanoes that my OM-10 35mm jammed because of a dead battery. All these years I have been without any good pictures of the volcanoes or the lake. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful settings I have ever seen anywhere. "Thank You" very much for these scenes.

-- Blair R. Long

Bittersweet Memories

I lived in Guatemala from 1975 to 1976 and left because of a devestating earthquake that killed 26,000 people. Prior to my sad departure, I travelled around Guatemala and saw the beauty of the people and the geography.

Lago de Atitlan is indeed a spectacular lake and worthy of visiting along with the villages in that area. I hope to travel to Guatemala in 2005 to commemorate 30 years since I've been there. I am eager to see what changes have occurred since 1975-76.

-- Michele Moomaugh

I am a Guatemalan, I have been in the US since 1976. I have taken a number of friends to Lago de Atitlan. I love the beautiful pictures on your website. It gave me an opportunity to show a friend from Puerto Rico. We are going to Guatemala in March and we are looking forward to spending time in panajachel. I always cry by the beauty of Lago de Atitlan. I can't wait to get there. Emma

-- Emma Ellis

What a place

I come from Finland. The country with the 1000 lakes. The are 184.000 lakes in Finland, but I felt in love with Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I am also a traveller and hiker and been in many places in my 48 years. It took 2 weeks for me and my wife to travel around the lake and then we rented a small house there in Santa Gruz. Made also my ATI Openwater divingcourse over there and been since diving a lot, but there is nothing the same as altitude diving in Atitlan. Did not find the sunken village, but we know that there is one. Kim from Finland

-- Kim Keyrilainen

Una de las 7 Maravillas del Mundo

Guatemala Pais de la eterna primavera, tierra que me dio vida, tierra que me dio mis padres que apesar de su pobreza y con sus esfuerzos con penas y con cari?o nos dieron riqueza en darnos a luz y con sudor y sufrimientos nos hicieron a mi y mis seis hermanos crecer con honra y nos ense?aron a amar a nuestros semejantes y a nuestra patria linda y querida. Hace 36 a?os que sali de Guatemala, e vivido en U.S.A todo este tiempo pero e tenido la Gracia de haver podido regresar en varias ocaciones a disfrutas de sus bellezas. Verde Verde Verde, no hay llanuras mas verdes que las de mi linda Guatemala! Con sus mujeres bellas, con las notas de la marimba un cafecito calientito con su panito champurradas mis favoritas se deleita cualquiera. Lago de Atitla'n en mi visita con mi esposa a esa preciosura le dio a todo encima al Lago Lake Tahoe en La Cierra Nevada, un lago precioso, pero no le quita el puesto a nuestro Lago Atitla'n. Sus volcanes, sus praderas, las nuves que se pueden sentir en un amanecer como en el anocheser, sus praderas y sus bosques, se llenan de luz con su sol ardiente y sus lindas inditas que salen a la calle a vender, para ganarse con orgullo el pan de cada dia y de mostrarnos con que amor siguen la cultura indigena, con su dialectos que parecen ser de las philipinas o japonesas, su estatura peque?ita pero con un corazon del tama?o del Lago que las arrulla con su belleza!. Atitla'n mi indo Atitl'an pronto regresare y todos esos gringos, alemanes y demas personas que se han apoderado de nustras tierras lindas, son los que mas gozan de nuestra belleza!, pero en si le dan con sus bellas manciones alrededor del lago una belleza sin igual. Mi linda Guatemala, Te quiero y en tu tierra bella entrerramos con amor a nuestro padre Mario Ruiz Cobar que en paz descanze tu tierra hermosa nos diste vida y muertos pasaremos a ser parte tuya, mi bella guatemala. amen

-- Orlando Ruiz Galvez

been there

We too have been to the lake, it is a wonder to look upon and the people are so great. The view as you go along the lake is amazing! I just hope the simplicity of the towns will always be there. My family and I have been there twice and will go back again. We have made many friends there!!

-- Lori Clancy


I visited the beautiful country of Guatemala in 1986 shortly after the civil war officially ended. The people and the country were absolutely beautiful.

I am hoping to get back there again sometime soon.

While I was there, I visited San Cristobal, Huehuetenango, Chiquimula, Antigua, and San Lucas.

-- Michael Rolfes

Can't Wait To Return!

I have lived on Lago de Atatlan, in Panajachel, then, in a lovely mud brick house in San Marcos. Not only is it beautiful & the people wonderful, I feel a warmth & tranquility of being that is unmatched anywhere else in the world... for me at least. I plan to return to Atitlan soon & to live there permanently. Oh, & I have a sweet dog which I found there as a puppy in San Marcos! She, too, looks forward to returning home!

-- Rhea Zecchino

Yachting on Atitlan

The only other lake I've seen in North/Central America that could compete with Atitlan would Be Tahoe and I think it beats that. But it has been 30 yrs. since I've been to Guatemala, and The Pana but I will never forget the trip 4 of us took from New Orleans to Lago de Atitlan and back it was THE very best road trip Ive ever took and I'm sure everyone that went agrees. I just hope that I make it there again. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself. bill willy

-- Bill Willy


I was born in Guatemala, lived there for 20 years and now in Los angeles for 25 I have had the oportunity to traveled to countries such as Switzerland, France, Finland, India, Korea and China. Although each of them have their own beautiful places, the beauty of lake Atitlan surpasses all of them. Ever since 1991 I go back to Guatemala once a year and every time I get amazed of its beauty.

Thanksa million for sharing these web site with the world.

Hector Hernandez.

-- Hector Efrain Hernandez Monzon

Hello Eve-

I want to thank you very much for showing the beauty my beautiful Guatemala has. You have very nice shots. I was down in Guatemala this past summer and visited all around. This is the place that my girlfriend fell inlove with in Guatemala. There is not place like Panajachel.
Image: Guatemala Verano 2005 178.jpg

-- Harrison Woodard

Wonderful Photos

I lived in Guatemala for 10 years of my life and these photos certainly capture the Atitlan image well. I miss it very much. I would love to see a picture of the waterfall that cascades down the mountains into Lake Atitlan.

I spent three years in Patzun, three in Quetzaltenango, three in Guatemala City, and one in Antigua. I moved there when I was 7 years old.

I just wanted to comment on the lovely pictures. They bring back so many memories.

-- Christine Herrin

Hello travelers and adventurers!

Wow, these pictures are AMAZING. I have searched through other websites but these pictures greatly portray the beauty of such of Guatemala. I am of Guatemalan descent, born and raised in Chicago. I have lived in Chicago all my life but my first visit to Guatemala at the age of fourteen throughly changed my life and view of the world. I have always been what society would basically call a "tree-hugger/hippie" and Guatemala definetely brought it out. It was instantly love at first sight walking on the sand of Lake Atitlan. Never have I seen such beauty, I felt like I had traeded upon a dream and I literally (seriosly people!) had to pinch my arm to know it was real. The beautiful hues of blue and fog that settles later on is indiscribable. I have fallen in love! The indigenous people speak Spanish with their accents...still unable to seperate dialects with Spanish. I hope the surrounding villages stay the same. I want the have that same feeling of walking down a peaceful village, with amazing sights around every corner and beautiful indigenous people smilling at me. The women sure are beautiful in their traditional clothing. Their colorful rosy cheeks are cute, the cool weather grazing their faces. I have grown to love nature even more...Lake Atitlan is the place to be! I also recommen touring all of Guatemala if possible. Every county has a different story and different views. I for one originate from Escuintla..."La Ciudad de las Palmeras y Golondrinas." It surrouned by beaches, palm trees and kind people. S I leave you all now...may your travels be peaceful and take care!

-- Evelyn Torres

Panajachel, 1990

Because I know that time is always time And place is always and only place And what is actual is actual only for one time And only for one place I rejoice that things are as they are and I renounce the blessed face And renounce the voice Because I cannot hope to turn again Consequently I rejoice, having to construct something Upon which to rejoice - The Wasteland - TS Eliot

Everyone sees Atitlan through different eyes and every generation that returns comments on how it has changed and how innocent it had been. So I heard sitting in a cafe in Panahachel on Avenida Santander.

When I was there in 1990 the 100 men of Santiago had been killed by the army the month before. Throughout Guatemala people were ?disappeared? and there was a general sense that the government was engaged in genocide.

This extended to Finca Ixobel near Poptun where Michael Devine was killed by Colonel Pires of the local cuartel. It was a time of beauty and of lawlessness and tragedy.

-- Jack Deegan

I have gone to Lago de Atitlan the past two years on short term mission trips. The best thing the people of that area have going is a life unspoiled by so many of our modern "conveniences". I personally envy their simple lives that revolve around hard work, love of family, and love of God. I pray for their safe keeping, but also that the number of non-native Guatemalans stay at a minimum there. The few North Americans and Europeans there now are a cancer to the natural beauty and spirit of the Guatemalans. One only needs to spend time with the people of the tiny villages like San Juan, San Marcos, San Pedro, etc. to know the true values of life. If you go, go to blend in, learn the culture, and meet the people, not with the attitude that you can improve their lives. We have little of value to offer in that regard, rather we can learn a lot from them about what is important and valuable. Those affected by hurricanes and earthquakes in Guatemala are a much stronger and less spoiled people than our "disadvantaged" in the U.S.
Image: Guate 094.jpg

-- Allen Chase

Panajachel's website

-- John Riddle

Beautiful Memories!

I too came across Lake Atitlan whilst traveling solo during '94'. Like many of your contributers comments I was 'overwhelmed & stunned by the sheer magnificense & beauty of Lake Atitlan and its surrounding environment'. It gripped and held me hypnotically like no other location that I have visited on this planet. Throughout my visit of nineteen wonderous days I experienced 'incredible karma'. Thank you Eve for viewing your initiative!! Best Wishes from Jimmi Evans;-Deganwy.Conwy County.Wales.

-- jimmi evans


oye yo tambien fui a Guatemamle en el verano de 2006 porque mi papa estava deportado en el ano de 2005. yo vi esta maraviosa y te quero decir que viendo las otraves me requerda de las cosas que ese ahi con mi papa. te quero decir gracias por acer esto- quando vas otra ves necesitas a hir a un returante que se llama hara "hara chic" y eso significa de las personas que se duermen nuch. la comida es buenisima! usted no sabe pero yo solo tengo unos 12 anos y la aventura que yo tenis en ese viahe no la voya a olbidar. mi papa se vie en la capital- Guate., ahi tiene familia y amigos. la familia de mi mama vive en quetzaltenango(Xela o Xelahoo), Zacapa, Esquintla, y Guate. la familia de mi papa vive en Guate., Por Venir, Mazate, y otros lugares. si me queres ablar me pudes mandar un email me pedes contactar en o en ese es mi nombre de la computador porque es lo que me llama mi papa. te ablo mas tarde!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Angie Garcia


otra vez so yo te queria decir que yo vivo en Dallas(Carrollton), Tx

-- Angie Garcia

pollution in san pedro...

It is very sad to see lake atitlan being polluted...

They are washing their clothes on the lake...the soap has a high content of detergent.

But what it is really sad, is to see the washing of the coffee beans right on the shore of the lake...this has to be contaminating the lake.

I wish I was these findings.

-- mario rosenthal


My wife visited Guatemala in January, 2007 on a church missions trip. While there they were served champurradas, and even found some in a grocery store.

I love them (these are almond flavored).

Now I need to know where I can get some.

Looking forward to hearing from someone.

Larry Fry

-- Larry Fry


Hi everyone!

Just a quick post to say, "AM HOMESICK!!". I spent many holidays in Pana and practically lived there for most of my teenage years. Some of my fondest memories are and have taken place there. I partied at The Chapi, and went for 'chelas' at the Sunset Cafe. It all seems like such a long time ago. Thank you Eve! They are SO real and close to my memories and heart. :)

You can get the 'Champus' anywhere in Guatemala. I don't know where in the US you can get them, but if you look for a Guatemalan grocery store you might be able to get some. Sorry, can't help you more.

Thanks again!


-- Marisol Ward

I want to go Home

These pictures make me want to go home. They are just beautiful

-- Glenda Leon Saad


I live in Virginia close to Gaithersburg Maryland, where as luck has it there is a Guatemalan bakery and yes they do sell all Guatemalan breads. If you live in los Angeles the owner's brother (of the Guatemalan bakery) also lives in Los Angeles and does make the bread as well. Thank you all for the great comments posted about my Guatemala, I was born there almost 48 years ago, have lived here in the states for 27 going on 28 but I am looking forward to moving back in 3 years since I have accomplished what I set out to do. I go back every 6 to 8 months and can not have enough of my Guate I cry and get nostalgic when I see things about my tierra, I am grateful that the U.S had a place for me but it is time to go home Guate calls me I must go....

-- Willie Avila

ur beautiful

wow my mom is from guatemala and i have been there many times and i love it its beautiful. alot of my family members live there. awsome! i wish i could live there. i want something like this in here minnesota. oye guatemala te amo mucho ers mi mejor amiga/o. soy de guatemala, el salvador y los E.E.U.U si yeah. chao! alicia rosemount minnesota

-- alicia mendosa

Nice pictures of the lake


I like at the lake now and it must be the most beautiful lake in the world.
I like your photos. Especially of the natives. It is not always easy getting
photos of the locals.

I have some more photos on my website about lake atitlan.


-- I'm Jopa

Good photos

You have several good pics of Lake Atitlan. I have found lots more Lake Atitlan photos, too. It is an amazingly beautiful place.

-- Lake Atitlan


Those pictures are just awesome

-- Alex Esau arreaga fuentes




atitlan 1988

in 1988 my son was 10 years old, he was born in Los Angeles, Ca and I sent him to spend summer time in central Mexico and the west coast. This year however I went to meet him in Mexico City and took an overnight bus that took us to Oaxaca, We visited Monte Alban and Mitla and took another overnight bus to Tapachula, Chiapas Mexico and crossed walking the Usumasinta River at "El Talisman" for a great adventure that took us along the Pacific route to Escuintla and Guatemala City. Early in the morning, we took a bus to Los Encuentros and another to Panajachel. Until then, the most beautiful lake I had seen was Lake Tahoe. But the adventure, the landscaping, the charming Mayan Indian women wearing with pride their traditional clothing,the beauty of Solola. We rented bicycles to move around we swam in the lake, the children were very kind and friendly with my son and I, the beautiful volcanos across the lake and the beauty of the place with the great weather, me exposing my son to his ancestry (I was born in mexico) It was magic. Only God could make nature to create such beauty. I love Guatemala and I hope I can go back some day. We also visited Antigua, Tikal, Amatitlan lake and run all over in the city of Guatemala. My son is now 31 y.o. proud of the precolumbian civilizations, speaks excellent spanish and still tells me this was his greatest trip with me. How can I forget Atitlan Lake? I will go back if God let's me.

-- jose michel

ATITLAN A WONDER OF THE WORLD Atitlan is a beutiful lake, the towns around it are a must see. Answering some of the comments above, if you are looking for Champurradas and different kinds of traditional Guatemalan Sweet Breads go to:

-- A T

i miss guate

W I was born in canibal cuilco huehuetenango guatemala I lived about ten years in my hermoso pais guatemala but we moved to chiapas mexico en 1995 but am 100x% chapin. Y I came to us when I was 14 years old now I live in easton maryland but el next year am goin back 2 mexico and I wanna visit my hermoso awesome country y cuando veo este beautiful lake y su gente tan hermosa I never been there pero I think que es the best place in the world I love my guate with all my heart la tierra del quetzal la eterna primavera y thanks eve por estas pics es un pedazito de lo mucho que tiene mi tierra I can't wait to be there with all my raza de mi town gracias eve blessings

-- milton ortiz deleon


Thank you so much for this web site on Lake Atitlan. It has many of the same pictures I have but is a wonderful starting point for anyone who has not been to this bit of paradise.

We were there last Jan (09) and had such a marvelous time, we are coming back this Jan (10) We will be staying at the Pasado Santiago and doing day trips all around the area.

Not only is the area beautiful and spectacular, the people are wonderful. I can't wait to get back.

-- Jack Lowell

Good gallery

Very nice photo page, i notice you love the lake too. Hope to see more updates, thanks you. Lake Atitlan for up to date news.

-- Lake Atitlan Community

Lake from above Panajachel

i have just been living here in Panajachel for 9 years and its truly a magical lake. Apart from the beautiful volcanoes there are some pretty amazing people and an exotic culture to enjoy. to see what i am talking about i would like to refer you to this community site. Lake Atitlan Community too keep you up to date or if you are in need for any information, you are welcome to contact us.

-- Lake Atitlan Community

Just rocking to see this beautiful images as i have decided that i would come to see lake atitlan in a month or so. And as I've been reading your post for the last quarter of hour, i must say it all has been really informative and well written.

-- Stuart Broad

New Web site for Lake Atitlan

Hello, everyone there is a new web site about lake Atitlan here: Enjoy! - Travel Gaia

-- Travel Gaia

estoy de acurdo con el comentario de Orlando ruiz Galvez,casi me ase llorar recordando mi lindo paiz guate y especial el lago de de los lugares mas lindos de guate y del mundo entero.tengo mas de 15 an=os viviendo en Virginia y nunca olvidare mis raices ni mi patri la extran=o y admiro.
Image: DSC03282.JPG

-- rigoberto abigail perez solorzano

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