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Free Tools

Below is a selection of free tools and services offered by ArsDigita.

Grand Integrated Software

Simpler standalone software

  • a catalog shopping system that bills credit cards in real-time via the Cybercash system: ArsDigita Shoppe.
  • to collect survey/quiz data from users (see the ArsDigita Quizze page to download the software.)
  • a system to produce daily, weekly, and monthly server log reports from multiple Web services on the same computer: ArsDigita Reporte

For Nerds Only



If you don't have the time, talent or inclination to configure and support your own installation of the ACS, you can still enjoy a few of the benefits by using some of our free services:

  • WimpyPoint: build and use a slide presentation in WimpyPoint from any Web browser anywhere in the world; replaces desktop bloatware such as Microsoft PowerPoint. If the freight plane carrying your laptop crashes into the UPS truck delivering your PowerPoint slides, you will still be able to give your presentation anywhere in the world that you can find a connected Web browser.

  • Spam: let users add themselves to a private mailing list to which only the administrator (you) can send email.

  • BooHoo: let users to contribute related links to your pages; administrator (you) can determine which pages can have links added, can delete irrelevant and/or offensively commercial links, and can even blacklist links with specific text, e.g. "**". The BooHoo system also works its way through the links every night or two, weeding out unreachable links (in a recoverable fashion).

  • Loquacious: collect user-contributed comments on any of your pages.

  • Lusenet: run a public or private discussion forum for your web site (either in Question-and-Answer or threaded discussion format). Users can sign up for email alerts to be notified of contributions to the discussion.

  • find out exactly how many people follow links from your site to sites that you recommend, without once having to analyze your webserver's "referer header log." The service redirects the user to the requested URL, and then generates a nice report for you.

Our software is generally copyright by ArsDigita or the author. It is licensed to the public under the GNU General Public License, available from