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the Unix monitoring component of the ArsDigita Server Architecture

This page was last updated November 20, 2000. (Release of version 2.0)

Where can I get it?


What it does

Cassandrix monitors disk space usage on Unix systems. It performs a df -k on machine and notifies a list of people if the disk consumption exceeds a configurable leve.


There is an INSTALL document that walks you through installation. AOLserver and Oracle are required.

What's Different in Cassandrix 2.0?

We found the two-tiered master/slave architecture of cassandrix 1.0 to be extremely cumbersome to deploy. It was re-written to run independently on each machine with no interdependencies between systems. We use Cassandrix 2.0 to monitor a number of our development and production machines. We also use NetSaint to do service and disk space monitoring.

Rolf Hanson & Mark Dalrymple