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What is it?

This is the 1.0 alpha release of the AOLserver ISAPI Filter for Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), an IIS module that implements the AOLserver API. This module allows the ArsDigita Community System to run using IIS.

A sample ACS installation using this software is available at That system uses a vanilla ACS 3.4.2 installation and provides a bulletin board for discussing running the ACS under IIS.

What does it require?

The AOLserver ISAPI filter for IIS has been built and tested on Windows 2000, running IIS 5.0 and ACS 3.3 or ACS 3.4. This configuration requires:
  • Windows 2000 Profession or Server
  • IIS 5.0 (included with Windows 2000)
  • Oracle 8.1.6 for Windows
  • ACS 3.3 or ACS 3.4
Some simpler AOLserver configurations (not requiring Oracle or ACS 3.3) have also been tested.

Where is it?

You can download it from the ACS Repository.

Who wrote and maintains it?

The AOLserver ISAPI Filter for IIS was written in July 2000 by Joseph Bank ( Please send bug reports and other feedback to