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What is it?

This is the 1.0 beta release of mod_aolserver, an Apache module that emulates enough of the AOLserver API to run the ArsDigita Community System. You can try out an ACS installation running on this module at . That system has bulletin boards for discussing mod_aolserver.

What does it require?

In order to use this software, you will need these other packages:
  • Apache 1.3.12 or later in the 1.3 series. This module has not been developed for or tested with any Apache 2.0 release.
  • Tcl 8.1 or later. Tcl 8.3 is recommended because that is what AOLserver 3.0 uses and ACS authors may take advantage of Tcl 8.3 features.
  • MM Library. This is a portable shared memory library.
  • Either Oracle 8i or PostgreSQL.
You must install these packages before compiling mod_aolserver.

It has been built and tested on both Linux (Red Hat) and Solaris with ACS 3.2.2.

Where is it?

You can download it from the ACS Repository.

Who wrote and maintains it?

mod_aolserver was written in April and May 2000 by Robert Thau ( and Rob Mayoff ( Please send bug reports and other feedback to