At the Andersen Consulting conference.  What's wrong with the picture?

Andersen Consulting Conference

by Eve Andersson

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In Dublin on October 15, Philip gave a wonderful talk to 1400 Andersen Consulting process consultants from Ireland and the UK.

The conference was actually quite impressive, not only because Philip's talk was witty, intelligent, and fascinating (as always). The Irish Prime Minister's speech wasn't bad either (I'm not joking).

The conference was held at the biggest venue in Ireland (the Point Theatre, more commonly filled with U2 and Sinhead O'Connor fans rather than process consultants). The feats of coordination that the conference organizers pulled off were amazing. They provided transportation, accomodations, entertainment, meals, education, activities, ..., for all 1400 of us without a (visible) hitch. The AV for the talks was done so seamlessly that you'd think that everything was one big pre-prepared presentation instead of one guy using Powerpoint, others using slides and/or video, and Philip connecting to the internet live. Various on-person or stationary microphones were used with no differences in sound quality. We even got to use remote control polling devices like they have on America's Funniest Home Videos to vote on things like "What do you think are the most important issues facing Andersen Consulting in the next year?"

These guys are smooth. The only thing they could have used was a proof-reader! In one case, they put up a slide containing the URL "http\\" and elsewhere in the Point was a huge orange sign hanging from the ceiling that read "http//:"

Smoke machines at Andersen Consulting conference. Warming up the smoke machines.

Audience at Andersen Consulting conference. The crowd is anxious.

Band at Andersen Consulting conference. The band heralds Philip's imminent arrival.

Philip showing the ArsDigita Layercake at Andersen Consulting conference. Philip joyfully explains the ArsDigita Layercake.

Presentation at Andersen Consulting conference. Another presentation (not Philip's) at the conference.

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