View from the top of Volcan Pacaya.

Volcan Pacaya, Guatemala

by Eve Andersson

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Volcan Pacaya is an active volcano, a couple hours east of Guatemala City. It's a popular volcano to climb because it's not too difficult and, on sunny days, the views are incredible (though I've heard that you can't count on the weather being good in that area). The first hour and a half of the hike take you along a not-too-steep trail through lovely greenery and farmland. The last 45 minutes are a little more difficult, ascending the barren, moon-like cone.

Once at the top, you can't see any lava due to the noxious sulfuric fumes spewing from the volcano, but the steam is nice to watch as long as the wind doesn't blow it into your face.

View from the top of Volcan Pacaya. Lake, viewed from near-top of Volcan Pacaya. Horse and dog. Two dogs. Scenery viewed from Volcan Pacaya. Scenery viewed from Volcan Pacaya. Sulphuric smoke coming from the crater of Volcan Pacaya. Barrenness near the top of Volcan Pacaya. Black rock at start of cone.

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Beatifull Nature

I've been there at least couple of times, my hometown Amatitlan is about 15 miles away from the volcano and yes for whoever likes exercise doing some cardio and enjoys outdoors that's a nice place to go.Thanks a lot Eve for your site make Guatemalans feel proud of our country an the charm it has. Francis Saravia.

-- Francis Saravia

Volcan Pacaya

I lived in Guatemala for almost 7 years, this was a long time ago from 1957 to is like a second home to me, I admired and visited the Pacaya volcano many times during my residency in Guatemala, it's such a beautiful country and I miss it and it's warm loving people very much. Fortunately I am still in contact with my Guatemalan "lifelong" friends. I learned so much when I lived in Guatemala and am thankful and so lucky to have had the opportunity to know and love that beautiful country. I have returned twice, the last time was 30 years ago, at which time the second night after we arrived there was a terrible earthquake. The death and devastation was heartbreaking. All I can say is I love Guatemala, Viva Guatemala!

-- Maggie Smith

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