ArsDigita Community System FAQ

Original document by Tracy Adams, updated by Adam Farkas on June 19, 2000.

I have a site made of static html pages. How can I add some collaboration features without setting up my own machine?

Some of the basic ArsDigita Community System modules are available as free services. Just sign up for them by filling out a form. See also: Adding collaboration to a Web Site without buying or maintaining an RDBMS and Free Services For Web Publishers

I would like to use the ArsDigita Community System. How do I set up the basic infrastructure?

To use the ArsDigita Community System, you need a computer with Unix or Linux, Oracle, AOLServer and the Oracle driver for AOLServer installed.

We have written a document to aid you in the process of installation. It takes you step-by-step through the steps necessary to build a working system from a bare hard drive through a basic ACS install. We have found that if this document is followed precisely, setup of a complete system usually take 4-5 hours on a reasonably fast machine.

The ArsDigita Community System can now be run under Windows 2000. However we advise the use of Unix, as it is the most well-tested and best documented platform for ACS.

Those who wish to pursue the 100% open-source route will want to check into the OpenACS project. This is a port of the ACS headed up by a group of external developers. It currently uses PostgreSQL as its relational database of choice, though there are plans to make OpenACS work with other open-source databases in the future.

I have a machine with Unix/Linux, Oracle and AOLServer installed. How do I install the ArsDigita Community System and the ArsDigita Server Architecture?

We strongly recommend that you thoroughly examine the step-by-step ACS installation guide, even if you already have a working Unix and Oracle installtion.

The guide contains up-to-date information on the default settings that ArsDigita uses to generate properly running sites. Deviations from these defaults are recommended only if you are an expert system administrator.

Once you have a working ACS installation, there are several utilities written by ArsDigita that can be installed to ensure that the server keeps running reliably.

The overview of the ArsDigita Server Architecture is a good starting point for the development of a reliable service. The following documents will also help you keep your system running properly:

When upgrading, you should grab the latest utilities file.

Where can I find ArsDigita Community System documentation?

What teaching and training is available? How can I sign up?

See also: Teaching

What resources are available for learning and reference?

ArsDigita offers a variety of free teaching material:

Recommended purchases

I am stuck. Where can a ask a question?

Where do I make feature suggestions, report bugs, and look for code patches?

Go to the ArsDigita developer site for the latest details on how to contribute..

What ISPs and independent developers support the ArsDigita Community System? (aside from How can I let ArsDigita know that i'm an ACS developer?

The most current list of outside firms and people who implement and host ACS-based systems is available on the ArsDigita developer site.

if you're an ACS developer and would like to publicize your work, please send us mail.

How can I contribute to the development of the ArsDigita Community System

Please go to the online discussion forum if you would like to contribute. We need:

Where can I learn about ArsDigita, the company?


How can I work at ArsDigita?

See Job Openings.