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Ticket Tracker

I. The Big Picture:

The Ticket Tracker application is designed to record and track tasks, bugs, and feature requests. The intent of this application is to provide a way to have clearly defined responsibilities for tickets in every state and to have auto-notification capabilities which ensure that no tickets lips may be overlooked.

II. Features:

  • Record and track tasks and other noteworthy requests
  • Allows centralized tracking of multiple projects
  • Facilitates high quality documentation on web development projects
  • Allows the creation of a link on each page for submitting a ticket which will record the user-agent, originating URL, and originating query of the ticket request
  • Multiple ticket entry modes for different user types
  • Per user persistent customizations
  • Customizable table display and sorting
  • Fully searchable
  • Highly informative email notifications of ticket status

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