Kids posing for the camera, Garden District.

Lusaka, Zambia

by Eve Andersson

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Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, is home to about 3 million people. About 60-70% of the city's population lives in shantytowns such as the Garden District, shown below. I found the people to be friendly and sociable. As one of the few African countries that has not endured war since the end of colonization, it felt relatively safe to walk around the city. I enjoyed my (short) time there.

Garden District

The Garden District is one of Lusaka's shantytowns.

Kids standing behind Mealie Meal (a maize flour) and cooking oil.  Garden District. Makeni Viro Clinic, with a girl standing in front.  Garden District. Outhouse, Garden District. House with hanging clothes, Garden District. Shops: Lady G Enterprises, Tesha Butchery, and JK Cosmetics.  Garden District. Fedasy Nursery and Pre-school, Garden District. Hanging laundry, Garden District.

Some of the kids loved having their photograph taken; they rushed to join the group of kids already posing.

Kids posing for the camera, Garden District. Kids posing for the camera, Garden District. Kids posing for the camera, Garden District.

Soweto Market

This is a gigantic market, partially covered, named after the South African township of Soweto. Inside you can find everything from food to Nokia BlackBerrys (yes, you read that correctly), and lots and lots of shoes.

Soweto Market. Vendors, annoyed at passersby for getting between the camera and them.  Soweto Market. Vendors, Soweto Market. Busses, Soweto Market.

Other Lusaka Photos

UNIP headquarters. Billboard reading "Abuse / just stop it / Sexual harassment is a crime". Freedom Statue. Sculpture depicting a hand pointing upward, the MMD party symbol, outside the Lusaka National Museum. Obama Street. Chickens for sale on the roadside.

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