Park City clock on Main Street.

Park City, Utah

by Eve Andersson

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Park City is a popular ski destination, as well as the location of many Sundance Film Festival screenings. It's full of good restaurants and bars. I'm fond of visiting in the summer, when the streets are relatively uncrowded and the air is 10 degrees cooler than in Salt Lake City.

Main Street

Park City is a small town. Main Street is where most of the shopping, eating, and drinking takes place. However, this one little street is densely packed.

Park City building. Glass art at gallery on Main Street in Park City. Park City building. Park City building. Main Street, Park City. Main Street, Park City.

The Old Jail

This jail, considered state-of-the-art when it opened in 1885, was in use until 1964. Even though Park City feels like a loose and free place, one of the wall plaques (pictured below) reminds you that you're still in Utah.

Park City jail (used from 1885 to 1964). Toilet at Park City jail (used from 1885 to 1964). Disturbing sign at Park City jail (used from 1885 to 1964).

Park City Historical Society and Museum

This museum shows Park City's roots as a silver mining town, with an impresive array of tunnels beneath. The museum also leads to the old jail (above).

Mining shaft elevator at Park City Museum. Mining train at Park City Museum. Depiction of mining tunnel system at Park City Museum.
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