Moab Region, Utah

including Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park

by Eve Andersson

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Arches National Park

Arches National Park, containing over 2000 arches, has the world's largest concentration of natural stone arches. Visitors find themselves surrounded by immense, red, geological features: spires, pinnacles, balanced rocks, and fins, with snow-capped mountains looming in the distance.

A few of the named arches

Delicate Arch.
Delicate Arch
the most photographed arch in the park
Landscape Arch.
Landscape Arch
with a 300-foot span, it's one of the longest natural arches in the world
Double O Arch.
Double O Arch
named as such because it contains two holes like a figure 8
Navajo Arch.
Navajo Arch
Partition Arch.
Partition Arch
Pine Tree Arch.
Pine Tree Arch
Wall Arch.
Wall Arch
Tunnel Arch.
Tunnel Arch

Other structures

The arches form only a small portion of the park's beauty.

Along the path to Double O Arch. Holes in rocks near Navajo Arch. Along the path to Double O Arch. Along the path to Double O Arch. Along the path to Double O Arch. Along the path to Double O Arch. Along the path to Double O Arch. Table-like rock structure on the path to Double O Arch. Devil's Garden trailhead. View near Tunnel Arch.

Fauna and flora

Chipmunk near Delicate Arch. Flowering cactus.  Trail to Delicate Arch. Created by Native Americans between 1650 and 1850, this rock art is known as "petroglyphs".

Canyonlands National Park

Utterly vast and varied, Canyonlands is visited far less often than its neighbor, Arches. They say that, in some parts, you can go days without seeing anyone.

Grand View Point. Buck Canyon Overlook. Grand View Point. Grand View Point. Grand View Point. Monitor and Merrimac buttes, just north of the national park. Shafer Canyon.

The town of Moab

This funky little town is a popular base camp for daytrippers to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Best restaurant: Center Cafe (somewhat upscale, despite the casual-sounding name). Best coffee: EklectiCafe. Best beer: Moab Brewery.

Main Street. Main Street. Spanish Valley Vineyards.  Their award-winning cabernet sauvignon is pretty good!
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