Deck and picnic area.  Navarro Vineyards.

Mendocino County

by Eve Andersson

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Mendocino County is north of Sonoma and, with much of the county subjected to coastal fog and wind, the climate tends to support cooler-weather varietals such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer. Of course, this is mountainous California, full of microclimates, and here, too, you will find exceptions. Of the six AVAs in the county, Anderson Valley is the largest and probably most well-known.


Navarro Vineyards
Anderson Valley AVA. Anderson valley is laid-back and all about quality and not about superficial things like prestige, but ... Navarro is one of the most prestigious wineries in the area. And they deserve it; their wines are great. They've achieved a wide following despite their limited distribution (no middle-men). Moreover, they farm sustainably, avoiding insecticides and herbicides.
Tasting room.  Navarro Vineyards. Deck and picnic area.  Navarro Vineyards. Navarro Vineyards. Tasting room.  Navarro Vineyards. Vineyard.  Navarro Vineyards.
Husch Vineyards
Anderson Valley AVA. This is the oldest winery in Anderson Valley, founded in 1971. While all of Husch's wines are estate bottled, they grow some of their grapes on their Philo estate in Anderson Valley, grow some in the warmer Ukiah Valley, and source some from other local vineyards.
Gewürztraminer vines.  Husch Vineyards. Tasting room and picnic tables.  Husch Vineyards. Tasting room.  Husch Vineyards.
Greenwood Ridge Vineyards
Anderson Valley AVA. Greenwood Ridge is a very small boutique winery (5000 cases annually) yet has been listed in America's top 30 wineries three times in recent years by Wine and Spirits magazine. The dragon that graces the winery's bottles in a tribute to the winemaker's father.
Tasting room.  Greenwood Ridge Vineyards. Dragon bottle.  Greenwood Ridge Vineyards. Pond and bridge.  Greenwood Ridge Vineyards. Tasting room. Greenwood Ridge Vineyards. Greenwood Ridge Vineyards.

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