Giraffe drinking from a watering hole.

Bushlands and Animals, South Africa

by Eve Andersson

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These are some of the animals and scenery I saw in South Africa, in the humongous Kruger National Park (larger than some European countries) and Timbavati Game Reserve. The animals in these areas are wild and not fenced in; the "park" and "game reserve" designations only mean that the animals are protected from hunters. Lions have their own page.


Yellow-billed stork (Mycteria ibis) eating fish. Burchells Starling. Fish Eagle. Wahlberg's Eagle (Aquila wahlbergi) taking off. Red-billed Hornbill. Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill (Tockus leucomelas). Go-away Bird (Grey Lourie). Lilac-breasted Roller (Coracias caudatus). Southern Ground Hornbill. Spotted eagle owl.


Elephant eating acacia leaves. Elephant eating leaves. Mother and baby elephants.  The baby is doing a "mock charge" -- the outspread ears and trunk are meant to look threatening.  (Species: African elephant, Loxodonta africana) Mother and baby elephants.  (Species: African elephant, Loxodonta africana)


Hippopotamus eyes. Hippopotamus.

Cats (and their prey)

Note that lions have their own page.

Leopard. Leopard Leopard. Caracal, an elusive lynx-like cat. Baby bush buck in tree, killed by a leopard.


Millipede. Beige and orange butterfly. Dung beetle, rolling a ball of animal dung.  The beetle is covered with smaller insects. Blue insect with yellow spots and a red head. Long green and blue insect. Termite mound. The nest of the Communal Nest Spider.


Giraffe with multiple birds on neck and head. Giraffe by a watering hole. Giraffe with open mouth.


Many types of antelopes are found in Africa. Examples below include kudu, impala and steenbok.

Kudu in the morning light.  (Species: Greater kudu, Tragelaphus stresiceros) Impala. Impala running. Impala running. Steenbok.

Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo (Species: Syncerus caffer) with a bird on its back. Cape Buffalo (Species: Syncerus caffer) Cape Buffalo. Cape Buffalo. Cape Buffalo. Cape Buffalo bathing in mud.

Other Animals

Wildebeast (Species: Connochaetes taurinus) Tree squirrels, warming in the sun. Warthog (Species: Phacochoerus aethiopi) Dwarf mongoose, peeking out of a hole in a tree. Vervet monkey (Species: Cercopithecus aethiops) Sekukhune Flat Lizard.  These lizards are very rare, found only in a small region in South Africa. Black backed jackal (Species: Canis mesomelas). Shell of a leopard tortoise. Rock monitor lizard peeking out from a hole in a tree. White rhinoceros. Adult and young zebra.

The Land

3000-year old bushman art, recently discovered near Jock Safari Lodge. Sunset on the African savannah, with silhouette of owl in tree. Blyde River Canyon, the 3rd largest gorge in the world. Pond in the African savanna at sunset. African savanna at sunset. African savanna at sunset.

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i really love the photos of the giraffes and birds. well done the colours are magnificent

-- gloria robin


Those pictures are truly beautiful! The photography was very well done. I admire the photographer and compliment them on their skill. It's simply MAGNIFICENT!!!

-- Aeris Forrest

Beautiful buffalo

I've been going to ZA for over ten years now, and in all my trips, I've only ever seen the buffalo eyes at night (a startling blue in the land rover's spotlight) I envy you so much 8-)

-- michael snow


Hi Eve. Great photos in SA & Timbavati. Your guy who has only seen buffy eyes at night should visit Gomo Gomo in the Timbavati. It has to be the best value game lodge in SA. I've never been and not seen buffys in the daytime. Try their website That's all. Best regards, Ken.

-- Ken Brickell

Excellent photos!

Great photos and story. I like to travel in Central America. I go there every summer. I'm leaving on June 18 for a 7 week, solo tour of Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama. This will be my first time to Belize. I already have tons of photos of Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Panama. When I'm done after this trip, I should have a good collection to send in. Keep on traveling! Shelly Sinclair

-- Shelly Sinclair

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