Pi is Transcendental

by Eve Andersson


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Pi is transcendental.
The endless number cannot be expressed by any algebraic equation.
No pattern has been found in its digits,
Yet it cannot be proven in a finite amount of time
That no pattern exists in an infinite number of digits.
Pi goes beyond our reality.
The nonexistence of humans would not preclude the existence of pi.
For the circle will always exist
In the shape and orbit of a planet,
In the path of a wave.
And where there is a circle, there is pi
Intrinsically embedded in it.
Pi is mysterious;
It evades all attempts of capture.
It is a line of digits like an endless snake
That you can keep pulling at without ever reaching its tail.
Pi is perfect;
Each seemingly random digit is exactly where it belongs.
Whether a circle is as big as the universe,
Or as small as a quark,
Its diameter fits around its boundary exactly pi times.
Because pi is found in waves, every color, every sound is an expression of pi.
Because pi is found in circles, the moon, the sun,
Every planet, and every star is an expression of pi.
Because pi is found in each atom, pi is present in all physical sensation.
Pi is absolute beauty.
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