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Eve Andersson (eve@eveandersson.com)


Hey, love Pi, and love Digits of Pi! Also, Pi Trainer rules!


URL: http://highpi.4t.com

-- Bradley Conte

Thanks so much for this fantastic site. It makes all my geek nerves buzz.

-- galen richmond

pi rules!

I especially like the feature of searching for a certain length of pi, grouped by a certain number of digits. That's cool. Thanks.

-- Terry Trotter


I really love pi. I have right now memorized 1,380 digits and am going at a steady rate of 20 a night. I used to use the pi trainer at www.x42.com but that has been having some problems lately, after using this one, I found that it is much better. In response to a previous entry, pi is not a really big number. It is a relatively small number. Only 3. My website also has a section on pi!

-- Adam Adler

Pi - Where doesit end?

I have been intrested in pi for a while now. I learned the first 5 decimal places when i was six(they were in a dictonary), then i came up to 14. When i found a website that had the first 1,000,000 digits of pi, I began to learn more and more pi, with the help of the nearby pi trainer(just use the above link). I know now 100 decimal places, coming on 150!

-- Dragon 1000

My Pi

I love pi! I researched for math class one day and now am hooked on it! I am up to 100 digits! Here they are from memory: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862 089986280348253421170679! Yes! I have them all! Hopefully by Christmas it will be 150!


-- Elizabeth Shorewood


I love pi very much and I have calculated 99 999 999 digits of pi using pifast4.3 it took only 40 minutes.

-- giorgi doe

Sophomore memory

While a high school student I memorized the sq. roots of all of the integers from 0 - 12 to 3 decimal places, some of them to 10 places. I started on pi and went to 100 places, then it was pointed out to me that I was reading incorrectly the table of digits (which was arranged in long rows with spaces every 10 digits, making it easy to get the impression that it was to be read vertically as columns of rows of 10 digits each). I still remember the 1st ten, though (and most of the sq. root values). Interesting site.

-- marvin roberts


b-con is my hero, along with Ramanujan. -fellow pi lover

-- David Horton

me and pi

i love pi we r like so close because today is pi-day and me and all the math geeks are having a party at my house we r having pi shaped cookies for our bedtime snack! cant wait

-- sami shalabi




Thats 270 of them. As for the High Pi guy above he had not written out 86280 but only "86" on his website, so I think some checking there should be needed.

-- Axel Hogberg

funny pi video

check this awsome pi video http://keithschofield.com/pi/std.html

-- Andrew Klett


Pi is the coolest thing on Earth, and probably in the known universe. I have been a geek since as far back as I can remember, and an official math nerd since this year when I could actually join the Math Team. I love pi. I believe it was created by the Jedi, but they don't want anybody to know that.

-- Lizz Mattingly


Over 3 weeks, about 30 minutes per day, I was able to memorize the first 500 digits after the decimal point. Rather than force myself to memorize chunks of a predetermined size, which is unnecessarily restrictive, I looked for "strings" of numbers that seemed as if they would be easy to remember. The size of the strings varied greatly, even with a few single numbers scattered throughout larger strings. It's best to take it slowly and write down the numbers often. However, make sure you always check everything you write - it would be terrible to go through all the trouble, only to find out at the last minute that you've completely mis-memorized a few numbers.

-- Scott Bice


I am only 11 and I've been memorizing only for 9-10 months. I am at 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971

-- Michael Thompson

Pi digits

I am 15 years old, I have memorized 150 digits of Pi in a couple of days. I have a secret.


-- Malila Wolloh


You all are lucky to be able to memorize that many digits of pi. I am desperatly trying to find a way to stream the numbers across the screen of my mac, so far I haven't solved that problem; much like pi. Pi is part of my everyday life and I wouldn't have it any other way. One more thing. . .

Q: What do you get when you take the sun and divide its circumference by its diameter?

A: Pi in the sky.

-- Tim Lewkow

we are celebrating pi day this wedsday march 14th 2007

we are celebrating pi day in math class this wensday march 14th 2007. we are going to eat pies and play math games in math class. and if we memorize at least 8-10 or even more we get extra credit and if we want we makeup poems about pi and read them to the class i cant wait it is monday march 12th sooooo only 2 more days and thanks for this website so i can memorize some digits of pi for extra credit if i get extra credit i thank it to u eva i tell u if i get e.c

-- sarah abuharaz


my son is 11 and memorized like 30 numbers he has a shirt with 4000 #s here he is hi 3.141592653589793238193589 i think ive studied 4 about 1 week

-- harold peskin

digits of pi

i am only 13 and have memerized 63 digits of pi in 2 days 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592

-- katherine hare


I already kno 201 numbers and it only took me like a week!!! its so easy!!!

-- Tara Cloutier


thank you so much for your support! it is truely a very tough thing to go through life loving pi alone! thanks again for all your support. im currently on my 100th digit of memorization!!! PI RULES!

-- Dana Grace

i <3 pi

i got interested in pi a few weeks ago and started learning it in only at 58(i know its a small amount but i only started memorizing them like a week ago) my goal is 1,122 by november 22 so hopefully i can.this website is incredibly helpful and love it too but not as much as pi!!!! go pi!

-- stephanie viscera

i dream pi

Hello, I am very pleased to see a website didecated to pi pi is to me one of the most amazing mathamatical equations. As it is I know over 400 numbers and am learning at a rapid pace. I am 14 and am on the leading maths team in the state go pi! may the force be with you fellow nerds

-- mad r


hey! i memorize digits of pi for fun because i find it very enjoyable. i only have 60 digits memorized and i'd like to know some of your guys' secrets/techniques! please reply!

-- Amanda Erb


This is a great site, thanks for setting it up! I started to memorize Pi yesterday and I'm up to about 517 decimal places. (Took me about 3 hours between today and yesterday) With the help of this site, I think I'll reach the Feynman point tomorrow!( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feynman_point )

If anyone is interested in how I was able to memorize the number so rapidly, I suggest you look up the Dominic system which was invented by Dominic O'Brien. It's more powerful than I ever imagined it could be.

Thanks again for the nice website!


pi memory

I am 13 and I have been able to remember 82 digits of pi after the decimal in 3 hours.

This is strictly from memory:


I can say this all perfectly in 12.25 seconds!!!!!

-- ayse muniz

Yay pi

i memorised the first 9 digits of pi from a calculator at school in maths when i was 13 and carried on learning to 27 digits, meerly to beat the class know it all, ive now only at 15 began to learn again as ive noticed the facination in pi and the grouped numbers. now able to recite 51 digits to memory i aim for 100. But i have found it allot easier to learn pi if i seperate the digits into sections e.g ones with repeated numbers or in sets of three as i can then say them in a rythmic patten.

-- me me


I love PI! this website helped me memorize the most decimals places in my grade at school! thank you!

-- Bridget Ditty-Doo

Pi memorization

I love the Pi trainer. I have 1400 digits memorized. The trainer keeps me in practice.

-- Ken Gilbert

Easy true

Yes it is very easy to memorize. I think I am going pretty good. I memorized 54 after the decimal point in about 30 min. I think that is pretty good! I am only 12 years old. This is good XD some people took months to memorize a little. Pi is so awesome!!!


-- Michael Unknown


Yes, pi is easyish to remember... Right now i have 253 digits memorised and I'm 11. I memorised the first 29 digits from here, and then I simply memorised the next digits in groups of 4's. Heh.

-- Tom Macadam

This is the best pi site out of all of them. Ever since I've discovered pi I've been such a fan of the number. I used to know 500 but than I gave up the effort, but now I came back to your site and I'm planning to regain my record. Hope you plan to have more features for this website! lightningpirate
Image: pi.PNG

-- Louis LaRiccia


I am only 10, and I have memorized 62 digits in 4 days, 20 minutes of pratice each day. This is the best website ever!

-- Jarod Fedele


haha i memorized 100 digits of pi in an hour once i had it i just went over the nuber in my head on papper while driving ever chance i got i was reciting the number in my head on the com or pen and papper like some one else said i use difirent size string trying to find little easy patterns to remember, after about 20 paterns remembering them was easy the other thing i done was to remember key paterns on the key board trying to remember just nubers isn't as solid as have a visual patern and touch i can almost do it blind on the key board number pad. im going to work on the next 100 digits. lol you realy freak people out when you resite a number as large as 100 digits with perfect score 100/100 soon to bee 200 / 200

-- catrina poom


I've actually been on this site for years learning Pi. Being able to show a certain amount of numbers really helps and the pi trainer is great! I know 250 digits of pi because of you. :-)

-- Chad Gardner

Not a math fan but...

I learned just over 100 digits of pi from the Pi song by the group Hard'n'Phirm. I learned the first 5 digits in a Doctor Who episode.

-- cathy k

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