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Pi Day 2000 (March 14, 2000, Mayan Calander)

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Day 2000 (March 14, 2000, Mayan Calander)

Location:   Cambridge, MA, USA

Pi Day 2000 (March 14, 2000, Mayan Calander)

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Eve Andersson (eve@eveandersson.com)


The Bible says...

The Bible says pi is three. Therefore pi is three. You cannot overturn the word of God through mathematical trickery.

This can be verified through common sense. Look at a circle. Now look at its diameter. Now look at the circumference. Good old human eyesight confirms that the circumference is three times longer than the diameter. What is the need for all these other superfluous digits? They only serve to confuse the mind, to plant seeds of doubt, and to lead the flock astray.

Every time science has stood against the word of God, science has fallen to its knees in abject defeat. "God is not mocked," and God knows his math! Sweet Yeshua Messiah!

Thank you, however, for an otherwise wonderful Web experience.

Your fan, JEFF

-- Jeff Zoerner


Do I detect a hint of sarcasm or is Jeff just absolutely clueless?

-- Laura Youwishyouknew

Pi and God

Actually, you're missing part of the situation. The bowl in question was:

1 Kings 7:23 He [Solomon] made the Sea of cast metal, circular in shape, measuring ten cubits from rim to rim [diameter = 10] and five cubits high. It took a line of thirty cubits to measure around it. [circumference = 30].

There are many possibilities as to why the bowl didn't have the exact proportionality of pi. First off, it is probable that the diameter was measuring from the indide of the bowl to the other inside rim, and the circumference of 30 was measuring around the outer rim; these were appreciably thick bowls, so this is probably the answer.

Just remember..."Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

-- nathan landis

Agree to Disagree

take it from a Christian Jew who understands it completely

the Earth is Upside Down.. you are looking at it the wrong way, so of course it does not make sense

after a nervous breakdown and a lot of prayer, I came up with 3 (or more)conclusions.. once you find the woman's religion, you will realize this

1. you are all wrong. but you are all right. it is not 3.14whatever... and it is not 3

2. pi is equal to 3 or more.. if 3 doesn't work, then maybe it is 4

3. perhaps you believe the bible is too complicated, because there are contradictions, but you must understand this.. you are too insecure.. when the word HE is capitalized, it is referring to man, and when he is NOT capitalized, he is referring to himself

Read Revelations, and you will know that he is coming, and You will finally understand that eventually,

if 3 is not enough, then maybe it's 4?

study the mayan calander and find the conclusions for yourself (remember, pi could even be 5)

And if i'm wrong, Please Don't Crucify me Too, the last person to give you HuMans a clue got crucified upside-down, and if the Christians and the Jews don't realize that the reason "truth or south(=sooth)" doesn't make sense is because They don't see the hidden messages left in ALL RELIGIONS EXCEPT SATAN'S, then Pi would NEVER equal 4, because they will send us ALL to hell..


P.S. If you figure it out, then Finally WE will understand

P.P.S. If Pi is 4, then what is missing from our 3-pointed religions?

if it doesn't sound true, maybe it isn't. continue research even when you finish, or we are all doomed

-- nobody shhhh


I cannot help noticing the fact that this is the only photo with comments.

-- andreo justiniani

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