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Location:   Quiriguá, Guatemala
Caption:    Stella.
Size:   large (also available: small | medium)
Date:   November 8, 2002
Camera:   Canon PowerShot G2 4MP Digital Camera w/ 3x Optical Zoom
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Photo ID: 9853-quirigua
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Eve Andersson (eve@eveandersson.com)



Love all the pictures you took on Quirigua, and also the ones from Rio Dulce and the surrounding areas.....I have just been there, and it was an amazing trip...of course with natives of the area the trips are relatively inexpensive...but the sites are grate...I went to Siete Altares or Seven Altars but, it has been dried for 2 years, they said. I did not have pictures like yours....however, I will furnish some of my best pictures, if you like to consider them for your audience.

Thanks for all the information, I also copy some of them for my personal albums...it is nice to find people like you.


Leah Hanoch
Image: DSCN0416.JPG

-- Leah Hanoch

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