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  • Is your only companion Saturday night a FORTRAN77 textbook?

  • Do 2nd-hand stores refuse to accept your clothing donations?

  • Do you remember pi but forget your own phone number?

  • Is your pocket protector weighing you down?

   If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then perhaps you are a nerd.

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Before After
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ACME Nerd Suppressant has been scientifically proven to temporarily reduce symptoms of nerdiness. In a study conducted on a group of MIT students, it was found that after taking ACME Nerd Suppressant tablets:

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WARNING: Use only as directed. The relationship between dosage and sex appeal is nonlinear. Do not take this drug if you are currently taking antihistamines, Retin-A, methamphetamine, or if you are suffering from myopia.

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