Women walking. Lagos Island.

Lagos, Nigeria

by Eve Andersson

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Though no longer the capital of Nigeria, Lagos is Nigeria's largest city and the nerve center of its economy. Lagos is a city of contrasts: it's the most modern and well-developed city I've been to in West Africa but at the same time the developed areas are interspersed with unspeakably poor slums. I traveled to Lagos on business and was very impressed by the level of technical and business savvy in the people I met.

The center of Lagos is an island (Lagos Island), and the city is built upon several other islands and a mainland bordered by the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean — so water is everywhere. Census reports are unreliable, but the population of Lagos is estimated to be about 15.5 million, putting Lagos among the world's largest cities.


Houses built on stilts over the Lagos Lagoon form the community known as Makoko. It looks quite beautiful from a distance but is known for being a lawless and dangerous place.

Makoko, a slum on the Lagos Lagoon.
Makoko, a slum on the Lagos Lagoon. Makoko, a slum on the Lagos Lagoon. Timber being dried with fire. Makoko, a slum on the Lagos Lagoon.

Lagos Island

This island surrounded by the Lagos Lagoon forms the center of metropolitan Lagos, with skyscrapers and bustling activity on the streets.

Woman in green. Girl is blue. Woman carrying blankets on her head. First Bank of Nigeria and Union Bank of Nigeria. Lagos Island. People and umbrellas. Lagos Island. Cathedral Church of Christ. Central Mosque. Man walking in front of posters that say Eti Keta and Reelect Fasholm. Women walking. Lagos Island. Buildings viewed from Marina Street, Lagos Island. Men with hats. Two women and a pile of rocks. Lagos Island. Woman with a bundle of cloths on her head. Woman with a box on her head. Two women talking. One wears an umbrella hat.

Victoria Island

Victoria Island is a relatively upscale area known for its nightlife. Even in this area, poverty is blended with the riches.

Two men talking. COD Church Road,  Victoria Island. Woman carrying baskets. Lekki-Epe Expressway, Victoria Island. Women under umbrella and girl. Girl selling fruit. Victoria Island. Businessmen walking down Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island. Sign advertising a driver on a fence enclosing animals. Lekki-Epe Expressway, Victoria Island. Three men on a motorcycle passing a glo billboard. Maroko Road, Victoria Island. Civic Centre, Maroko Road, Victoria Island. Man and woman speaking in front of a billboard, Maroko Road, Victoria Island. Kids and motorcycles in front of A1 Driving School written on a wall. Victoria Island. Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island. Amazon Energy Limited building, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Victoria Island. Mannequins in front of a store. Victoria Island. View from the Four Points by Sheraton hotel, Victoria Island.

Woodworker. Market, Victoria Island. Neclace. Market, Victoria Island. Jewelry maker. Market, Victoria Island. Sign regarding "His Excellency Barack Obama. Market, Victoria Island.


This is a mainland area of Lagos close to Lagos Island.

Red building, Ikorodu Road, Surulere. Ikorodu Road, Surulere. Federal Fire Service Station, Surulere. Headquarters Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps. Buildings, Ikorodu Road, Surulere. Apapa Oworonshoki Express Way, Surulere. Street vendors, Apapa Oworonshoki Express Way, Surulere.


Perhaps public urination is a concern in Lagos.

Sign: "Dont Not Urinate Here Be Warned. Order By Police." COD Church Road,  Victoria Island. Sign: "Stop Urinating and Dumping of Refused Here Order by Police". COD Church Road,  Victoria Island. Man urinating. Lagos Island.

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Nice pictures of Lagos.

-- Umezurike ONYEFORO

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