Paris - Day the Fourth

by Jin Choi and Eve Andersson

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The plan for this day was to get up early early in the morning and hit the Louvre all day. We laid the best plans of any mouse or man, which of course promptly went agley. After rising at a leisurely 14:00, we made our way once again to the banks of the Seine and strolled to the Louvre.

Happily, the Louvre is free on the first Sunday of every month, which it happened to be. We descended through the entrance pyramid (designed by I.M. Pei, famous architect responsible for the MIT Media Lab) and began exploring the monstrosity that is the Louvre.

Three things about the Louvre:

  1. It is virtually impossible to find your way around. Even with a map in hand and signs posted everywhere, we kept getting trapped in dead ends and at stairs going the wrong way.
  2. The crowds gather in knots around the most famous exhibits. The rooms containing the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa were packed. The rooms containing Etruscan ceramics were barren of all life.
  3. Whereas museums in the states oftentimes expressly forbid all photography, the Louvre "strongly discourages" flash photography. Viva la liberté!

We had a quick snack at the Cafi Marie, off to one side of the main courtyard, and made our way to the Ile de la Citi, where we checked out Notre Dame. There was a Mass going on when we trouped in with a steady stream of tourists. It felt a little odd to be trooping around the rear of the cathedral checking out the sights while a religious ceremony was underway.

The towers were closed, so we went around back, checked out the flying buttresses from the park there, then crossed the bridge to the Ile St. Louis where we had a cafi while watching the sun set over Notre Dame.

Dinner was at a pizza parlor back in Montparnasse, to test Michael Yoon's assertion that the pizza in Paris is horrific (it wasn't that bad). We then retired to L'Odessa, a bar near our hotel, for a nightcap.

The three gentlemen of Paris: Malte, Jin, and Rolf. Three gentlemen of Paris.

A bridge over the Seine at night. A bridge over the Seine at night.

Fountain and tower. Random fountain and tower, somewhere in Paris.

Bridge to Ile de la Cite. Bridge to the Ile de la Cité

Rolf and Eve at L'Odessa Cafe. At the L'Odessa café. Rolf imitates Tracy.

Tracy and Jin at L'Odessa Cafe. Tracy imitates Rolf.

Eve at L'Odessa Cafe.

Jin at L'Odessa Cafe.

Rolf at L'Odessa Cafe. An embittered Rolf, drowning his woes in drink.

Rolf looking mad in front of the Louvre. At the Louvre, an angry Rolf scowls at the world.

Louvre.  Crowd at the Mona Lisa. The crowd around La Giaconde (Mona Lisa). There were signs everywhere pointing the way to the Mona Lisa. They should just hang it at the entrance.



Louvre.  Woman sketching.

Louvre.  Etruscan ceramics gallery. The Etruscan ceramics gallery. A very underappreciated section.

Louvre.  Eve looking like the Mona Lisa. Mona Eve.

Louvre.  Tracy, Malte, and Eve. In the courtyard, by the entrance pyramid.

Eve in front of Louvre.

Louvre.  Eve pretending to sell ceramics that kind of look like 2nd hand goods. Trinkets for sale!

Louvre.  Cow gutting.

Louvre.  Rolf and Jin.

Louvre.  Large format art. What painters consider "large format."

Louvre.  The N is kind of like the Netscape logo. Netscape is a proud sponsor of the Louvre.

Louvre.  Eve writing postcard. Filling out postcards at the Café Marie.

Louvre.  Looking out through pyramid entrance. Inside the entrance pyramid.

Louvre.  Looking out through pyramid entrance.

Louvre.  Rolf looking mad. A disgruntled Rolf.

Louvre.  Relief by entrance. Mama! A relief sculpture by the entrance.

Louvre.  Six graces. The Six Graces.

Louvre.  Three graces. The Three Graces.

Louvre.  Woman with head. I am Woman, hear me roar!

Notre Dame candles. Candles at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame.  Eve in park behind church. In the park behind Notre Dame.

Notre Dame.  Rolf, Eve, Malte, Tracy in park behind church.

Notre Dame interior. We attend Mass.

Rolf at Montparnasse pizza parlor. Cynical Rolf, at a pizza parlor in Montparnasse.

Rolf at Montparnasse pizza parlor.

Tracy and Jin at Montparnasse pizza parlor.

Vendor stalls along the Seine;. Stalls along the Seine.

Enjoying chestnuts by the Louvre. Snacking on chestnuts by the Louvre. Rolf is very unhappy.

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