Schema and Data Browser

part of the ArsDigita Community System version 3.4.x by Eve Andersson

The Big Picture

This module lets the administrator view the definitions of the following objects in their Oracle database: It also lets the administrator browse data within tables. This is convenient if you're just trying to get an idea of the tables' content; however it does not provide the ability to query for specific rows.

For more information on how this module works, read Reverse Engineering a Data Model using the Oracle Data Dictionary.


Assuming you already have ACS 3.4.x installed, download the Schema and Data Browser tarball and follow the installation instructions below.


  1. Untar the file you just downloaded (tar -xvf sdb.tar).
  2. Create the directory /www/admin/sdb/, and move the following files into it: From your site's main admin pages (/www/admin/index.tcl), add a link to the Schema and Data Browser (sdb/).
  3. Move sdb.html into your /www/doc/ directory and add a link to it from /www/doc/index.html.
  4. Move sdb.sql into your /www/doc/sql/ directory.
  5. Load the data model into Oracle either by copying and pasting the definitions from sdb.sql into sqlplus OR by typing sqlplus username/password < sdb.sql at the command line.