Mao Zedong at entrance to Forbidden City.


by Eve Andersson

Oriental Pearl TV tower.

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Great Wall at Simatai

The breathtakingly enormous Great Wall of China stretches over 4000 miles (by comparison, a flight from Los Angeles to New York covers only 2500 miles). At Simatai, where the wall stands in a relatively unreconstructed state, the wall, with its periodic guard towers, follows steep mountain crests with miles of unfettered natural views all around.

Great Wall of China. Great Wall of China. Great Wall of China.
Great Wall of China. Great Wall of China. Great Wall of China.
Great Wall of China. View from guard tower in Great Wall of China. View from Great Wall of China.
Great Wall of China. Great Wall of China. Great Wall of China.


China Economic Census billboard, complete with binary numbers Energetic bridge.
New World City. Poster of magazine cover.  The concept of "metrosexual" has traveled far.


Mao Zedong at entrance to Forbidden City. Mao Zedong statue.  Fudan University. St. Joseph's Cathedral.


Girl with headdress. Young man holding Chinese flags (he was posing for me).  Tiananmen Square. Fisherman on Jingshan Qianjie.
Potato seller on Jingshan Qianjie. Girl with finger ornaments. Recycling.
Forbidden City. Cleaners at Forbidden City. Men squatting.  Wangfujing Ave.


Bund at night. Oriental Pearl TV tower. Nanjing Ave.
Statue celebrating commercialism.  Najing Ave. Nanjing Ave. Street in the French concession area.
Boy chasing doves in People's Park. Dove in People's Park. Doves in People's Park.


Gate over Yongdingmennei Dajie. Blackened eggs. Eaves of building.
Street near Wangfujing.  People are waiting in line to get into a store. Bicycles. Kite on Jinghsan Quianjie in front of Forbidden.
Kids playing with baby chickens for sale. Wedding in front of St. Joseph's Cathedral. Tiananmen Square.
Kite flyer in Tiananmen Square. Wangfujing Ave. Wangfujing Ave.

Forbidden City, Beijing

Sitting in the middle of Beijing is the largest palace complex in the world, the Forbidden City, containing 9,999 buildings. Five centuries of Chinese emperors lived here, from 1407 through 1924. The bricks of the wall surrounding the complex are made from glutinous rice and and white lime.
Forbidden City. Forbidden City. Forbidden City.
Forbidden City. Dragon with baby dragon.  Forbidden City. Dragon turtle.  Forbidden City.
Forbidden City. Forbidden City. Forbidden City.
Forbidden City. Sidewalk decoration.  Forbidden City. Forbidden City.
Forbidden City. Forbidden City. Forbidden City.
Forbidden City. Construction worker at Forbidden City. Volcanic rocks.  Forbidden City.
Forbidden City. Forbidden City. Forbidden City.
Forbidden City. Forbidden City. Forbidden City.

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It may be a bit late... but for your next trip, do consider

It is owned by a young lady, who secured a MBA at Harvard a few years ago... met a boy... he is now the bureau chief of the Washington Post in Beijing

I do not like travel organizers... avoid them like the plague...

But Mei is really special... can arrange for a crystal and linen laid table in the desert north of Beijing for dinner as the sun sets, with the finest liquids to fill the crystal and eats to fill your tummy... to getting to Pingyao... an unique Ming walled town that certainly within a few years will be overrun, but now no hotels only old mandarin houses... simply delicious... to what ever...

Including a walk... no a hike on the Great wall... fours hours NE of Beijing... where you will not see one foreigner... and if you are lucky maybe a couple of peasants plowing their fields...

Travel safely, with your legs crossed, but a camera full of film!

-- Lawrence U No Who

Nice composition!


I *really* wanted to look at you Oracle reverse engineering page... which is quite useful. Nice to see someone took the time to do the work. (I'll reverse engineer your tcl into php, and then it will be more useful to me.)

Since our planes probably crossed as I was going to China this year, you were probably going back to the U.S. and I'm crazy about seeing other people's photos. You really have an eye for composition. I saw much of the stuff you photographed, but I didn't have the presence to see the interest or the beauty in what you captured.

My photos are at:

...and I my source of photography information is from

Never heard of Northface University. (I thought they made backpacks) Suggest you make it linkable in your resume. Looks like a very practical place to get an education. (I'm a Berkeley grad in Forestry 1974)

-- steve shiflett

Good pictures


I have just written you about your Rio Dulce pictures. Now I am looking at your China shots. They are great. I have been travelling in China since 1989 and appreciate anything on the country. I was at Simatai in August of this year. It is by far the best place at which to visit the Great Wall.

You need to quit your computer job and be a travel writer/photographer.

Chick Gaddy, USA

-- Lacy L. Gaddy

Good job

Your camera has captured the beautify and detail of China as revealed by the people and the platform on which people portray their life trajectory.

-- john zhang

I only had four days in Beijing (my writeup, with some photos of my own), and ended up not skipping the Great Wall. But your photos make me want to go back now.
Image: 57167398-sleeping-man.jpg

-- Danny Yee

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