Heavy Travel, Light Exploration

Sunday, March 21, 1999

part of Jin and Eve's Cancun Adventure!
A lot of the day was spent traveling, but we finally arrived at the hotel at about 4:30 PM. We rushed to throw on our beachwear, spent the last daylight hours on the beautiful beach (drinking piqa coladas, with no little umbrellas, much to our dismay!), then we took the city bus (pleasant, efficient) out to dinner, and explored a tad.

The most interesting thing, perhaps, was that a cute blonde lady grabbed us and forced a drink called Kamikaze down our throats. It was actually wonderful!! I'm still feeling happy.

Jin waits in line at immigration in Cancun. It took forever!

Our hotel, from the beach. (The Calinda Viva at the north end of the Hotel Zone.)

Eve gets her jollies playing in the sand.

The view of the coastline from our hotel room balcony.

A neighboring hotel as viewed from our hotel room balcony.

Some wooden carvings Eve found, fell madly in love with, and bought (bargained like crazy)!

A bartender slipped this into Eve's hand. Eve, being the skeptical type (even after a few drinks), thinks that he probably has these notes pre-written and gives them to every girl in the bar. :)

Feedback is welcome. Text, images, and sounds by Eve Andersson and Jin Choi.