Pirate Night

Friday, March 26, 1999

part of Jin and Eve's Cancun Adventure!
Today was yet another day of rest. We originally intended to go snorkeling towards the south side of the island, but that plan went astray when we couldn't rouse ourselves before noon. So instead, we went out to get some lunch and relax at a beach.

We lunched at Mr. Papas, which is highly unrecommended if you are vegetarian. They have just one vegetarian dish which was so nasty that Eve could only stomach two bites.

After lunch, we discovered we'd neglected to bring towels, which was irrelevant because it started raining lightly, so we headed back to our hotel where we edited photographs before we had to get ready for our Pirate Cruise.

On the Pirate Cruise, they took us out to an island where they provided food and entertainment, then took us back 4 or 5 hours later. There were contests, dancing, gambling, and heavy drinking. Eve succeeded in winning us some doubloons by making the final cut in the limbo contest. Jin added a few doubloons at blackjack.

Much of the cruise sounded like this.

We were walking by a restaurant when Eve noticed a rooster running around. Eve got really happy and started snapping pictures of it. The proprietors were amused and brought out another rooster, and invited her to hold it. This is the result.

Jin partakes of the 2 for 1 happy hour special. Cloudy afternoons are not so bad after all.

Jin is prepared to take on the role of a bloodthirsty pirate.

Eve is prepared to become an even bloodthirstier pirate.

Pirates always have a 2 for 1 happy hour special in effect.

We encountered an especially vicious brood of bloodthirsty pirates in our voyage. This horrifying example huffed and puffed the whistling theme from The Bridge over the River Kwai. (If you can't tell from the picture, the face is actually some guy's stomach which has been painted.)

Girl with flaming balls on chains.

Jin in his role as riverboat gambler.

Feedback is welcome. Text, images, and sounds by Eve Andersson and Jin Choi.