Another Day, Another Beach

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

part of Jin and Eve's Cancun Adventure!
Today was another day of relaxation. We decided to try out another beach, so after breakfast we headed down towards the center of the Hotel Zone and found us a nice one.

The beach by Calinda Viva is nice; calm waters, outdoor bar, relaxed people taking in the sun. This beach was nothing like that.

As we came up, they were having a male hot body contest, sponsored by Dos Equis (one of the three Mexican beers). They'd already started it, so Jin was unable to join in.

Afterwards, they scrounged up five contestants for a wet t-shirt contest, including a girl from Minnesota, who didn't realize that a wet t-shirt contest involves actually wearing the wet t-shirt instead of ripping it off. The crowd seemed to like her style, anyway. She won, although Eve came in a close second. Just kidding.

This beach had a lot more activity than the one by our hotel.

The beginning of the wet t-shirt contest.

It was actually seeing this parasail that caused Jin to win the Pirate Cruise a couple days ago.

Jin's head. In addition to the activity all around, the geology of the beach also made this beach much more interesting than the one by our hotel. Eve liked the waves.

Mayan ruins in the middle of Cancun?

Feedback is welcome. Text, images, and sounds by Eve Andersson and Jin Choi.