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the Oracle monitoring component of the ArsDigita Server Architecture

This page was last updated on Nov 16, 1999.

Nov 16th note: There's a problem with transactions/deadlocking-transactions.tcl and 8i that can cause an infinite loop that will can fill up your temp partitions. You can either download the latest tar file or remove the link to deadlocking-transactions.tcl from index.tcl.

Cassandracle is a Web-based monitor for an Oracle installation. The goal is that, at a glance, a novice Oracle DBA ought to be able to identify problems and find pointers to relevant reference materials. Expert DBAs should find the software useful because it enables the checking of remote Oracle servers without the need to install SQL*Net and manage the attendant security risk.

How it works

Cassandracle is an AOLserver that connects to Oracle with the DBA role. To manage the security risk, this is done via a specially compiled version of the ArsDigita Oracle driver. This version won't allow Tcl scripts to INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, or DECLARE BEGIN ... END (anonymous PL/SQL blocks that might do all kinds of violence).


  • Grab cassandracle-1.0.1.tar.gz and save it in /tmp
  • Make a directory for the page root, e.g., /web/ce/
  • cd /web/ce/
  • tar xvf /tmp/cassandracle-1.0.1.tar.gz

Make sure that you have our latest utilites.tcl file installed in your shared Tcl directory (/home/nsadmin/modules/tcl). You can download this from">

As the DBA user under which Cassandracle will run, you need to define the procedures in /doc/helper-procedures.sql (after untarring).