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Software Development Manager

I. The Big Picture:

The Software Development Manager application allows for the feature-level planning, developer management, release planning, bug tracking, and the automatic generation of project status summaries of a software engineering project.

II. Features:

  • Allows large software engineering projects to be broken down and organized into componential applications
  • Allows these applications to be specified at the level of particular features
  • Allows these features to be further described at the subfeature level
  • Allows for the association of feature requests with particular releases of the project to help streamline time management.
  • Allows software development teams to assign particular developers to entire applications, specific features, or specific subfeatures to help streamline developer management.
  • Archives bug reports and feature requests, automatically notifies relevant developers of these requests, and when the requests have been taken care of, automatically requests that the originator of the request approve the results.
  • Automatically generates project status reports.

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