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I. The Big Picture:

The Education application implements all of the IT needs for a department or university to organize and administer its classes online.

II. Features:

  • Provides administrators with the ability to see all of the information about any student or any group of students at any given time.
  • Provides for online homework submission and grading, automated grade calculation, and the ability to easily monitor students' performance and participation.
  • Enables instructors to create and manage course Web sites without having toknow HTML or other programming languages.
  • Provides the student with the ability to view all of their classes and assignments on an integrated schedule.
  • Allows students to easily build a portfolio of their work across classes.
  • Allows students to customize their calendars and work space.
  • Allows department administrators can collect statistics about classes they are offering as well as view information about the students taking those classes.

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