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I. The Big Picture:

The Ecommerce application implements all of the IT needs for a standard business-to-consumer Web service, such as providing site users with a shopping cart and enabling real-time credit card billing, together with a feature list which significantly outstrips those of ordinary packaged ecommerce software.

II. Features:

  • Provides standard ecommerce functionality such as shopping carts and real-time credit card billing, order confirmation, and refunds
  • Enables a site to offer and accept gift certificates
  • Enables a site to accept pre-orders for items not yet available
  • Enables a site to offer frequent buyer recognition
  • Provides for the construction of a product catalog
  • Allows users to offer comments and ratings
  • Allows items to be linked to formal reviews
  • Provides for limited-time pricing
  • Provides for taxing and shipping cost calculation
  • Provides for online order tracking
  • Allows for different price classes based upon user's status
  • Logging of customer interactions
  • Provides integrated customer support services via phone, fax, email, and the Web with associated email response management
  • Equipped with an e-recommendation engine and e-review technology
  • Provides for the logging and tracking of users and user purchase history
  • Facilitates the generation of mailing lists

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