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I. The Big Picture:

The Download application allows a site to offer content such as programs, images, and data for their users to download, to charge for these downloads when appropriate, and to solicit reasons from the users for downloading this content. Site owners can use this application to organize and promote content they feel will be of interest to their users. The application also enables content developers to inform people interested in this content of updated versions, special offers for related content, et cetera. Although any user can see what content is available for download, only registered users are allowed to download files, which enables logging of user information and subsequently allows for the provision of statistics concerning the demographics of those users downloading of this content.

II. Features:

  • Allows administrators to add or remove new files for downloading
  • Allows users to add or remove updated versions of files
  • Allows users to purchase and download files
  • Allows for custom specification of rules concerning a particular version/download
  • Facilitates logging of user download history
  • Facilitates logging of file download history
  • Allows targeted emailing of users of a particular download
  • Allows user to specify the reasons for downloading a particular file

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