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The Customer Service Module

by Sarah Ewen

I. The Big Picture

The customer service module has been designed to provide support to customer service representatives, whose responsibility it is to deal with customers who raise issues or problems, and help to resolve them. It is useful to be able to record and track these, to highlight any problem areas that might exist within the site, or discover whether there are any features that customers would like to see in the site, but most importantly ensure that your customers are not deserted. Using the customer service module will ensure that a customer's request for information or help will not get `lost in the system' or neglected.

II. Features

  • Categorized issue tracking
  • Recording of all interactions with users
  • User profiling for future recognition
  • Canned responses for inserting into emails
  • A Spam System for spamming groups of users
  • Spell checking of all emails composed by customer service representatives
  • Picklist management tool to improve ease of data entry
  • Reports and statistics

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