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I. The Big Picture:

The Chat application allows a reliable means by which site members can initiatate and participate in both real-time and moderated discussions. Discussions can be both public or restricted to people in certain user groups. The Chat application allows for the archiving and retrieval of these discussions as well. The Chat application also can be used for one-one-one real-time browser-based discussions, which can be helpful in a customer service setting. Unlike ordinary instant messaging systems, this enables a customer service representative to transmit images to the customer and, if appropriate, preformatted responses to frequently asked questions. This application can also as a user-to-user instant messaging system, allowing users to send private messages to each other.

II. Features:

-maintain comprehensive view of what a community member has done on site -reliable -public chat rooms (open to everyone on the system) -private chat rooms (open to people in particular user groups) -offers support for moderated chat and custom moderation determination -supports 1:1 messages for customer support applications -custom expiration intervals -allows users to create their own chat rooms -custom determination of chat history accessibility -
  • Allows for the initiation and maintenance of browser-based public chat rooms
  • Allows for the initiation and maintenance of browser-based prive chat rooms
  • Allows for the initiation and maintenance of one-to-one discussions
  • Supports moderated chats and custom moderation determination
  • Supports custom message expiration intervals for chat messages
  • Supports different levels of accessibility to chat message history
  • Allows for the comprehensive tracking of user input from these chat rooms

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