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Ad Server

I. The Big Picture:

The Ad Server application enables an ACS-based site to intelligently serve advertisements to site users based on general site user information or the current user's interests and consumer history. The application provides for the convenient integration of externally served ads. Furthermore, the Ad Server application is equipped with a robust reporting system to help site owners and advertisers more efficiently target their intended audience.

Advertisements can be grouped according based on content relevance and automatically served in rotation each time a page is requested. The Ad Server application enables site owners to serve ads -- either based on user group or individual user history and preferences as well as general advertisement statistics -- in which the users are most likely to be interested, on which they are most likely to click, and which they haven't seen too many times previously.

II. Features:

  • Serve advertisements
  • Serve advertisements based upon user histories and profiles.
  • Serve advertisements based upon viewing frequencies.
  • Serve group advertisements in sequence.
  • Clickthrough tracking on advertisements.

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