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Filters and Other Tricks

ACS Documentation : ACS Administrator's Guide : Filters and Other Tricks
To be sure that you're getting them all on a particular server, do:
cd /web/yourservername/tcl/ 
grep 'ad_register_filter' *
  • service of all /* files follows the following sequence:
    1. the ad_verify_identity filter from /tcl/ad-security may run to abort service of the page, depending on which directories are specified for protection in /tcl/ad-security
    2. ad_serve_html_page in /tcl/ad-html delivers the page, with included comments and related links
    3. ad_maintain_user_content_map from /tcl/ad-user-content-map runs after the page has been served, to insert rows into the user_content_map table
    4. ad_pics_filter from /tcl/ad-pics will add a PICS header saying "I'm a naughty page" (or whatever else you've put in the ad.ini file) to the directories and files specified in ad.ini

  • /tcl/ad-admin defines filters to restrict /admin pages to SSL (when available) and to registered users in the site-wide administration group

  • /tcl/ad-last-visit defines a filter to maintain the last visit cookie and database rows

  • /tcl/ad-referer defines a filter to update referral counters in the database

  • /tcl/ad-robot-defs may define a filter to look for robots visiting particular directories

  • /tcl/ad-user-content-map defines a trace filter to enter rows into the user_content_map

  • /tcl/curriculum defines a filter to maintain the curriculum cookie