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ACS Documentation : ACS Administrator's Guide : Directories

    Not Under the Page Root

  • /web/yourdomain/parameters/ -- stores definitions such as the service name
  • /web/yourdomain/tcl/ -- pre-APM Tcl procedures used system-wide

    Under the Page Root

  • /doc/ -- this directory
  • /doc/sql/ -- pre-APM data model files
  • /install/ -- files needed for installation only
  • /global/ -- files served up by AOLserver when it gets unhappy (e.g. file not found or too many threads), also for privacy statements, etc.
  • /graphics/ -- for site-wide logos and other images that aren't specific to content sections
  • /ads/ -- banners ads to be served by /adserver scripts (below)
  • /pvt/ -- material private to a particular member
  • /shared/ -- material available to members but not private to a particular member
  • /incoming/ -- material that authorized users need to FTP up to you
  • /acs-examples/ -- scripts that show programmers how to use various ACS features Pre-APM, each module generally defined a top-level subdirectory with the same name as itself; there are some exceptions with weird names below.

  • /adserver/ -- banner ad server
  • /comments/ -- comments on static pages
  • /gc/ -- generic classified ad system
  • /links/ -- Tcl scripts that show related links on the bottom of a page
  • /ug/ -- viewing and creating user groups