File Storage in Education

A typical class will involve many course materials. ACES provides custom portlets to display and upload these materials, namely, Assignments, Handouts, and Lecture Notes. These portlets use the file storage module to store files, and the calendar module to store date related information for the files.

The content shown will be different depending on the context. In a user portal, Lecture Notes would display all of a user's lecture notes, whereas in a group portal, Lecture Notes would just display Lecture Notes for that class.

Handouts and Assignments: Note that the user can sort by a column by clicking on the link above that column.

Lecture Notes: These two Lecture Notes portlets illustrate two different contexts. The portlet above was taken from a class portal portal and the portlet below from a user portal.

File Storage: The File Storage portlet can also be used to view all the course materials. Note how Lecture Notes, Assignments, and Handouts appear as separate folders.