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Threaded Bulletin Board
version 1.0



Oct 10, 2000
Description: This package provides a simplified threaded bulletin board using the general-comments module. This is a interim step between the current ACS bulletin board which does not support threading well, and ACS 4.0 which will contain an updated bboard that will meet current requirements. More information is available in the threaded bboard documentation.
Uploaded by: W. Scott Meeks on 2000-10-10
Downloads: 3081
Release Notes: This is the .apm file distribution file for v1.0 of the threaded bulletin board package. The associated URL for download will NOT work with the "Load a new package from a URL" feature of the package manager. Instead, you will need to download this file into your server's packages directory and unpack it manually before installing:
mv threaded-bboard-1.0.apm threaded-bboard-1.0.tar.gz
gunzip threaded-bboard-1.0.tar.gz
tar xf threaded-bboard-1.0.tar
Now you should be able to go to the package manager admin pages (/admin/apm/) and use the "Scan for new or modified packages" feature.