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version 4.0a2


Users can create glossaries which contain terms and their definitions.


Feb 06, 2001
Description: The Glossary Package is based on the ACS 3.x glossary module which was simply a repository for a site's terms and their definitions.

In the process of migrating the glossary to an ACS 4.0 package, we will expand it's feature set to support multiple contexts. A site, subsite, group, user, or even document (a this point the document must exist in the database as an ACS object) may have one or more glossaries associated with it. Terms may have illustrations (acs-content-repository). Each glossary can have its security set (acs-permissions), a workflow, and optionally except user comments. A glossary's content will be stored in the content repository and its presentation will use the ArsDigita Templating System (ATS).

Software Type: 4.x TCL Package
Requires: acs-content-repository (4.0)
acs-kernel (4.0.1)
acs-workflow (4.0)
general-comments (0.1d)
Provides: Doesn't provide services
Vendor: ArsDigita Corporation
Owner: Dennis Gregorovic (
Uploaded by: Dennis Gregorovic on 2001-02-06
Downloads: 2900