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The Clickthrough package provides a service that allows a site or subsite to monitor how its users exit the site, by recording which links are followed to external sites.


Dec 14, 2000
Description: Clickthrough collects information about each pair of local (origin) and foreign (destination) addresses, including a daily count of clickthroughs between each such pair of addresses.

This clickthrough log can be used to provide external sites with a measure of how much traffic originated from the local site, which can be useful for auditing or confirming revenue generating clickthroughs (e.g., referrals).

Any link can be clickthrough-enabled by embedding special information in its destination address. This is achieved by wrapping the href attribute with a call to `clickthrough_href' (e.g., [clickthrough_href]).

Software Type: 4.x TCL Package
Requires: acs-kernel (4.0)
Provides: Doesn't provide services
Vendor: ArsDigita Corporation
Owner: Nuno Santos (
Uploaded by: Nuno Santos on 2000-12-14
Downloads: 2632