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version 4.1.1b


This module lets you manage your bookmarks on the web and enables sharing of bookmarks between people in a community (one ACS installation).


Feb 23, 2001
Description: New features in the ACS4 (not in the ACS4 version) include:

- Sorting by name and access date

- Enhanced access permissions. The alpha version will only include toggling between private and public. Future versions could use the ACS permission API to grant read, write, delete and admin rights to any party on a bookmark level. It is not yet clear how big the need for this granular access permissions is.

- Display of keywords and descriptions of urls (fetched with ns_httpget)

Important features from the ACS3 version are:

- Bookmarks are viewed in a tree structure with open/collapse functionality of folders. Alternatively the bookmarks can be viewed in a Javascript version.

- Importing/exporting bookmarks from/to Netscape and IE browsers

- Checking if URLs are alive

- Display of the most popular hosts and urls in the community

Areas that need improvement: The query on the index page is a bit slow - closing and opening folders becomes impractible with for example 200 bookmarks. Users who have this many bookmarks can preferably use the Javascript version.

Software Type: 4.x TCL Package
Requires: acs-kernel (4.0b2)
Provides: Doesn't provide services
Vendor: ArsDigita Corporation
Owner: Peter Marklund (
Uploaded by: Peter Marklund on 2001-02-26
Downloads: 3022