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Address Book
version 4.0a2


Application to collaboratively view and edit addresses and contact information.


Feb 27, 2001
Description: The Address Book is an application/service hybrid. As an application, it provides a complete UI for storing, retrieving and searching for individually permissioned contacts. As a service, Address Book provides a storage mechanism for contact information and associating it with other objects. Each contact has identity info as well as an arbitrary number of custom attributes (which may be used for phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) and an arbitrary number of street addresses.
Software Type: 4.x TCL Package
Requires: acs-kernel (4.0)
places (4.0.1a5)
Provides: address-book (4.0a2)
Vendor: ArsDigita Corporation
Owner: John Mileham (
Uploaded by: John Mileham on 2001-02-27
Downloads: 2996