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ACS Java
version 4.7.4


ACS Core, an application framework, and ACS Content Management


Dec 10, 2001
Description: ACS Core is an application framework offering the critical building blocks commonly used by Web applications, including ACS applications such as Content Management, Commerce, and Personalization as well as custom applications. Core Services include: User and Group Management, Authentication and Access Control, Content Repository, and Workflow. ACS Content Management, a fully integrated application with ACS Core, facilitates the design, authoring, review, approval, aggregation and deployment of Web content; the maintenance, monitoring, and eventual archiving of published content; and advanced reporting and analysis.
Vendor: ArsDigita Corporation
Uploaded by: Dennis Gregorovic on 2001-12-10
Downloads: 32256
Release Notes: There are no release notes available yet.

This build of ACS comes straight from the source code in Perforce as described at