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ArsDigita Community System (4.x)
version 4.2



Apr 17, 2001
Description: The ArsDigita Community System (ACS) is a suite of open-source software providing a variety of collaboration, publishing and monitoring functions for both web site users and administrators. The ACS offers many of the features and capabilities important to a large, dynamic website, including catalog e-commerce, a shared searchable file system, web-based content management, and a spectrum of community applications: collaborative calendaring, discussion boards, chat, messaging, and shared bookmarks. Via browser file uploading, users can attach and share photos, audio, video, and desktop application files.

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Vendor: ArsDigita Corporation
Uploaded by: Jeff Teeters on 2001-04-17
Downloads: 19259
Release Notes: This is the 4.2 release of the ArsDigita Community System (ACS). The previous release was 4.2 beta. This release has minor documentation changes, bug fixes, and some new URI utility procedures.

Specific changes made in this release are:

  • ACS Content Repository. Minor changes to documentation.
  • ACS Core Documentation. Using new company logo on pages.
  • ACS Tcl. In file tcl/apm-file-procs.tcl, modified call to function ad_find_all_files to include option: "-check_file_func apm_include_file_p". This filters out non-APM (e.g. CVS files). Modified tcl/security-procs.tcl to prevent an invalid token_id from being cached. Added file tcl/uri-procs.tcl which contains procedures to parse URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) and resolve relative URIs. Thanks to Aaron Swartz for contributing these routines.
  • ACS Templating. Minor changes to documentation formatting.