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ArsDigita Community Education Solution (ACES) ACS-3.4E
version Version 2.0 Beta



Mar 02, 2001
Description: This is ACS 3.4 configured for the education solution. In addition to ACS core and the packages in 3.4.6, it includes the new education, calendar, portals and threaded BBoard packages.

This is a prerelease Beta version that is being made available for the EduCause conference.

Vendor: ArsDigita Corporation
Uploaded by: Caroline Meeks on 2001-03-02
Downloads: 4375
Release Notes: Beta version of the entire SloanSpace class management system. This is a complete ACS system based on the 3.4 version of our code. This is a Beta and may still have bugs. Please use the SDM to record them.

To install: 1. download ACES 2.0 (or get the tarball) 2. follow standard Arsdigita Instruction for installation of ACS 3.4.x (this includes installing Oracle and AOL server and loading the datamodel.) 3. make sure to change parameters file to has the correct server name and that template root is pointing to the right directory 4. restart-aolserver servername 5. go to www/doc/sql and run sqlplus databaseuser/databasepassword < load-education.sql 6. restart-aolserver servername ... done

note: qmail installation will not work out of the box. it is much more involved, and we do not currently have a good document describing how to setup qmail and Perl DBI/DBD. If anyone knows of one please point us to it.