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Getting Started and Getting Help

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Getting Started and Getting Help

This document will guide you through the process of configuring an ArsDigita Community System web server from scratch, beginning with a blank computer system and finishing with a fully functional web site ready to serve your users. Below are time estimates for each stage of the installation:

Stage Time Estimate
Red Hat 6.2 30 - 60 minutes
Oracle 8.1.6 4 hours
AOLServer 3.1 30 minutes
ArsDigita Community System 4.x 30 minutes
Total 6 hours

Aim to understand as much as possible at each step of these instructions. If you get stuck, try to backtrack to a point where you knew what to do. If you need help, it is available - check for messages about your problem at the web/db Q&A forum. If you can't find your answer there, feel free to post a message. ArsDigita also offers support contracts. Please see the ArsDigita services page for more information.

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